Nine Valuable Online Resources for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The business world is constantly changing and becoming more tech-savvy and if you don’t keep up with the changing times, your business won’t be as successful as it could be. Many businesses are now utilizing infographics, graphs and charts for marketing purposes and to disseminate information. There are a wide variety of online digital tools that businesses can utilize for this purpose. This article will briefly explain the benefits of nine such resources.  

Graphic River – This online resource offers over 1000 infographic design templates for use in your blogs, websites and other online marketing materials. GraphicRiver has a resourceful community environment for online users as well as a forum. They have an affiliate option and the infographics are available for sale from $4 – 9 each.   

Smashing Apps – Infographics are being utilized more and more these days for online marketing purposes. However, drawing the various charts, graphs, diagrams, icons and symbols needed would be time consuming. By downloading the free vector infographic kits through, you will have the basic elements and can save time and money.

Charts Bin – There is so much information that is shared these days, especially in the business world. offers users the opportunity to register online and create their own interactive charts. This resource is a web-based data visualization tool. The best feature is that the data can quickly and easily be shared with others in an interactive format.

Find the Data – If you need to create infographics for your business, you’ll need accurate statistics and figures for your charts and diagrams. is a valuable online resource for finding facts in the following areas: business, economy, education, government, society, transportation, communication, health and science.

Tableau Software – This online tool allows you to visualize and share your data in just minutes for free. The Tableau Software is available for free download. Users can check out the online gallery to see what others have visualized and to get some ideas. The website also offers users the opportunity to join the community forum to share and network and get inspired.  

Lucid Chart – Diagrams and flow charts are vitally important for various business meetings and presentations. Business owners can utilize this online resource to easily create diagrams and flow charts. Membership is free and you can register online to take a system tour or see an online demo. They have an example page as well as a customer page. Some of their customers are: Mozilla, Autodesk and Allianz.

Google Public Data Explorer – Have you ever thought you needed to be a data expert in order to understand research and statistics in a worldview format? Well that’s not necessarily true these days. This data explorer from Google has created a system format which makes large data sets easy to discover, visualize and then communicate about. The charts, maps and diagrams animate and change so that you will be more easily able to understand the data.

Simile Widgets – The SIMILE project was developed at MIT and this website is an open-source “spin-off” from that venture. On this site, they offer free and open-source web widgets. These are used mostly for data visualizations. A community of open-source developers maintains and improves these widgets over time.

Google Chart Tools – If you’re like me, then you may not be very tech-savvy. That’s one reason why I think the developers at Google had people like me in mind when they created the Google Chart Tools. This is a powerful, simple and free online tool to utilize in order to create interactive charts and graphs to display your data. They also offer a forum for communication with others using their system. 

Business owners can help take their companies to the next level by utilizing one or more of the many online digital resources mentioned in this article. Creating infographics for business is simple by using any of the wide variety of templates from For those who need to find accurate statistics and facts, is a more valuable resource. However, for those who need to create interactive charts and graphs and Google Chart Tools are more suitable options. No matter which tool you need, using online technology for your business can be an effective step toward helping ensure the success of your company.


Photo Credit: Tech Sling

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