Obama Confirms ‘Iron Man’ Power Armor In The Works


AnchorPresident Barrack Obama confirmed that the ‘Iron Man’ suit is indeed a very real project. In a recent conference, he mentioned that the power suit is in the works by leading companies and inventors, which are being supported by the Pentagon.

Below are the details of the power armor and when we will see it in action.

Far From Iron Man, Still Impressive

The US Army will start releasing prototypes of the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit in June. While it won’t have the ability to shoot guided missiles or fly in the air, a recent statement by RDECOM did say it will be bulletproof. This will be achieved using a system that sends an electric current through the suit.

Furthermore, the power armor will be fire-retardant, increasing the mobility of the user in the process. The first stage of development involves aspects related to safety. As more updates are released we may other tweaks to the suit, possibility related to offensive combat.

TALOS will also be equipped with new communication tools. Internal and external sensors will cover the suit, providing real-time monitoring for added support. A display will also be in place, showcasing battle information when needed.

Even though the power armor won’t be able to do things that we saw from the Iron Man series, it is likely that it will in the future. For now TALOS will have a hydraulics support system that give users a boost in strength and speed. These features are impressive but not new, as an armor system like TALOS has been produced before.

TALOS Receives Full Support, Project Well Funded

Chief of US Special Operations Command, Admiral William McRaven, mentioned that there are currently three prototypes for TALOS that are due for release. If all goes as planned, the power armor will be deployed in August 2018. Additionally, McRaven confirms that the project is designed to increase the survivability of soldiers on the field. Protection is top priority during compromising situations, which is the reason TALOS is currently receiving a lot of attention.

At the moment, there are 16 government agencies, 56 corporations, 13 universities and 10 national laboratories that are all working together to bring TALOS to life. In order to fast track the development process, the project will be open to selected individuals (mostly mechanics and professional inventors), during the Monster Garage event. This will allow third parties to make new components for the suit.

What’s Next For TALOS?

With TALOS in full swing, we may see a consistent flow of updates from the government, as well key insiders who are supporting the project. It’s still too early to know exactly how much of the prototype will be released to third parties during the event that was announced by McRaven.

Lastly, if the current production team is as open to third parties getting their hands on the design as they say they are, then we may see customizable features rollout with each highly anticipated update.

What kind of features do you think TALOS should have in the future? Let us know about it in the comment section below.