How to Obtain New Skills in the Workplace

How to Obtain New Skills in the Workplace

Obtaining new skills and becoming a well-rounded professional are two aspects which will help individuals progress within their career. Individuals who wish to obtain a promotion and advance within the field they are employed in are advised to acquire new skills which would benefit them in the long term. Some of the most basic and simple ways by which you can learn new skills and enhance your job performance are listed below:

On the job training

When working in a professional environment, there are various new skills that individuals learn without acknowledging them. For example: if you work in sales, learning to use unfamiliar software that the company uses to process sales is a new skill which you can use in the long term. Learning a new skill can be the requirement of your job – such as being trained in software to proceed with your daily tasks.


Attending a workshop or tutorial is one of the simplest methods of obtaining a new skill. This can be at your local community centre or college where you can enroll for an evening seminar to learn skill. These include attending workshops to improve communication skills, time management, problem solving and conflict resolution. These are transferable skills which you can apply to almost any career where an individual works in a team or with other people.


Individuals who have a busy work-life schedule and are not able to commit a great deal of their time to attending seminars and workshops can consider other options when seeking to obtain new skills. The internet has provided individuals with a platform to research and obtain new skills through online tutorial videos as well as recordings. For example, you are able to learn HTML online – adding different programming languages to your IT skill set.

In the workplace

The workplace is the perfect opportunity for individuals to learn new skills and improve their current skills in a professional environment. Working in a team, leading a project, solving conflicts and organizing events are all different skills which you can obtain and develop whilst being in the work place. Moreover, developing these skills at work will demonstrate a strong and motivated employee who is able to accept feedback and improve during their employment – thus helping you in advancing your career.

So if you want to continue updating your skillset then there has never been a better time.