Office Over-Exposure

These are just a few examples of over exposure in the workplace. If in doubt, cover up. Your co-workers will appreciate it. Keep your own personal style for the weekends where you can feel free to let it all hang out. 


No thanks! Nobody in your office wants to see a billowing mound of flesh escaping over a long suffering pair of pants. Please cover up your mid section at work. If this is a problem for you, it may be time to invest in some longer shirts and larger pants and a little dance in front of your bathroom mirror to ensure the clothing will stay in place throughout the day.


If your foot wear is suitable for the beach then chances are it is most unsuitable for the office. As much as you may want to slip on those comfy flip flops as you leave the house for the office, please don’t. Even if your pinkies are perfectly pedicured, a proper shoe is a professional look for work. It is practical too,for protection from rolling chairs, the lunch trolley and the birthday cake stampede.


Less is definitely more when it comes to cleavage at the office. It is uncomfortable for your colleagues to have to work too hard at maintaining eye contact with you when your ’girls’ are out for all to see. A well fitted bra and a top that leaves plenty to the imagination, is the way to go at work, especially if you are working your way to the top.


Maybe your underwear did cost more than your trousers but nobody at the office cares to see them. Belt up gentlemen! The office is not the place for showing off your vast collection of Calvin’s. Trousers should be pulled up and belted for a professional look, no exceptions.

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