Ohio Bridal Shop Visited By Ebola Customer Closes Its Doors

The Ebola virus has claimed the lives of more than 8,000 people since last year.

After it made its way to the U.S., only a handful of people fell victim to the plague—even a bride-to-be.

One bridal shop in Akron, Ohio has decided to shut down its services due to the Ebola scare.

Last October, Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal was hit hard by bad publicity when infected Texas nurse Amber Joy Vinson made a visit to the boutique for her wedding. Reports say she was there to help her bridesmaids shop for bridal dresses.

Soon after her visit, Vinson made her way to Dallas, TX where she was notified that she had been diagnosed with the Ebola virus.

The Summit County Ohio medical director asked all shoppers who were present at the time Vinson was at the store to seek medical attention immediately.

Owner Anna Younker decided to temporarily close the shop in hopes that they would be able to recover from the scare.

A cleaning company that specializes in sterilization was also asked to come in to disinfect the dresses and all other merchandise.

When the shop reopened in November, it continued to face a deep-rooted stigma.

What was once a busy shop was now considered diseased, dangerous, and unsafe.

The Associated Press reports on the temporary closing of the bridal shop: 

Younker says the Ebola scare slowed down business and caused her to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Younker told WKYC TV how she recalls everyone’s reaction to the reopening of the store.

"They say ’You went to that store. Oh my gosh! Is it still safe to go there?’ Other people were like ’Oh, I thought they were closed,’" she said.

On Wednesday 7, the bridal shop announced on its official Facebook fan page that it would be terminating its services, which has been successfully running for 30 years.

The beginning of the status wrote:  

I am sad to announce that Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal is being forced to wind down its operations after thirty years of service due to the devastating effect that recent events have had on our business. Despite our best efforts, we simply have been unable to recover.”

Younker also left this heartfelt statement on the social site:

The decision for me to close was not easy for me. Over the years I have met and worked with the most amazing brides, mothers of brides, bridesmaids, prom girls and many other wonderful people. I want to thank all our customers, the people in our community and the well wishers from afar for being so supportive...I also want to thank my amazing staff for all of their hard work and dedication to our customers and our business. I appreciate your understanding and support." 

Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal has scheduled its closing date for some time in May. After January 31st, regular store hours will be discontinued.

The shop also plans to close its ordering system, so buyers are asked to place their orders before the end of the month.

It promises to stay open until all pre-ordered merchandise has been picked up from the shop.

Younker says she was contacted by Vinson following the incident. Vinson, who also purchased her bridal gown from the shop, asked for a refund for the bridesmaid dresses.

Younker rejected her request. 

USA Today’s most recent interview with Younker: 

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