On Not Selling Out

It’s not enough, these days, to just be yourself. Doing what you love to do, or doing something that is just a means to an end -- without much substance. This is the ultimate battle in a world ensconced in warfare.

Making ends meet is a cliché which most of us have to abide. Rarely are we able to just sit on our asses all day, sipping whiskey-and-sodas, staring up at the clouds, making snarky comments about the nearest passers-by. If we find ourselves in these situations of luxury, a great many of us have had to pay for it.

While those fortunate ones, as Mr. Fogerty pointed out, are indulging themselves in the rays of their own ingratitude, large chunks of the population are put to work. And a lot of that work is solely based on the demands of someone else. What I have to question is: are we able to be ourselves in our work?

There is a simple reason for which most people use as their motivation for getting up every day.


But what is the difference, save ego and attitude, between those that earn their money by doing things that they enjoy versus somebody who earns their living by doing something that is only a source of income?

Nothing but perspective.

Every single one of us -- those “fortunate ones” included -- has to eventually adhere to this financial system which is ever-so-slowly coming apart at the seams. Whether it’s the most anti-establishment band around, or it’s the greediest, scummiest corporation on the planet. We are all playing at the same game.

Of course, this could be disputed from many different angles. And that’s all fine and well. Because it’s justly important, within our systems of labour and money to have various opinions and discussions. But the fact remains that money is the carrot-dangling over each of our heads. If we aren’t chasing it, somehow, then we are likely to get left in the gutter.

Though it’s worth digging a little deeper to see what it means to be satisfied with one’s own job….

It’s providential. To be fulfilled with your own workaday world. This is what so many platitudes express, of which it is easy to pronounce: be happy. A more worthwhile ideal, I have yet to encounter. Perhaps The Beatles said it best: “All you need is Love…”

And loving your job is arguably just as important as loving yourself. For do they not often go hand-in-hand?

That being said, is this really a nation of hand-holders? If so, then why is there so much incessant debate and division amongst an endless array of issues, including what it means to be happy and fulfilled within our daily lives?

Hopefully, the reader can begin to materialise the point I am attempting to construe.

We all must work. We all must go along with the status quo. And when the balancing act of being yourself is put into play with the forced notion of having to participate in this current economic system, how many of us can still maintain our dignity? How many of us our proud of what we do and who we are and what we stand for?

That is a mighty question.

The United States of America (let’s assume) was founded upon the freedom to be an individual. Our ancestors came here to live their own lives, in their own way. They also wanted to escape the bloodlust for Empire of the British Crown. (Endless taxation.) What was first established as a beacon of hope and independence has now become a marketplace for selling ourselves to the highest bidder.

There is no greater challenge today than that of being true to one’s self. And it is achieved by doing what feels right. In a world where we have to work just to survive, something is lost by ignoring our dreams and desires. Fitting into the roles which society has proffered us is not an evolutionary necessity.

Of course, not everybody feels this way. Most people are content enough to continue with their lives, just as they are. Fighting through complacency and being unfulfilled is rampantly universal. And it is beaten into submission with hard work. However, shouldn’t the work that we do each day have some sort of meaning? Something more substantial than just “earning a living.”

Anybody can ride a wave to nowhere. It takes guts and determination to find purpose and direction, without having to sacrifice who we are for how much money we make.

The tendrils of endless taxation have made more than just ripples across the Atlantic, and throughout the States. We see a plethora of evidence in the people that make up both continents, how much of their lives are dedicated to the dollar, the Euro, the Pound.

When do we put ourselves first? And how?

The world is erupting in change. We are all apart of the Revolution. When we are entirely ourselves, then we will know what it means to be revolutionary. Instead of just going along with what we think we should, maybe it’s time to cross that line in the sand.

Maybe it’s time to stop selling out to what makes some people so bitter, spoiled and rotten.

And start something new. Sort of like creating something out of the ether.

But what?


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