Online and Distance Learning Beauty and Cosmetology Tips

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According to recently published figures, more than thirty-five million people have enrolled in online courses over the last few years, and the trend is unlikely to decline anytime soon with the number of enrollments in 2015 having doubled compared to 2014.

With such amazing appeal, it’s no wonder that a huge variety of distance learning and online courses are now available for all sectors, including traditionally more “hands on” fields such as the booming cosmetics industry.

But, distance learning can be a little tricky depending on your situation. Many people opting for this solution have very busy lifestyles preventing them from attending more traditional schools.

Without a timetable, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. With a little organization, however, it becomes relatively easy to remain on track and pass your cosmetics or botox course with flying colors. 

1. Find Your Own Pace

Most people’s downfall when enrolling in an online course is that they start off too fast and lose steam very quickly, and risk giving up on the course entirely.

Instead, it’s important to visualise the learning process over the next few months and think of a loose schedule that you can change and adapt to your lifestyle, without becoming discouraged if you happen to miss a few deadlines.

2. Set Yourself Some Time Everyday

You will have to figure out when is best for you to work on your course each day. Some people prefer waking up very early and set aside one or two hours before starting their daily routine, others will opt for a quiet hour before heading to bed. It all depends on your personal schedule of course, but it’s important to stick to a daily routine to make progress, and it’s better to work on your course a little every day instead of spending the weekend trying to absorb a huge chunk of work.

3. Find Yourself a Work Space

It doesn’t have to be a new swanky desk (unless this really helps), but it’s important to have a quiet space where you will not be distracted and where you will have all your course materials handy.

4. Revise Regularly

You could start making summary sheets with the key points and checklists for each lesson before moving on to the next. It will help you visualise your learning progress and make it more manageable.

5. Don’t Give Up

The beauty industry is chock full of exciting new career opportunities thanks to the rise in popularity of botox and laser treatment procedures. Keep this in mind whenever you start losing motivation and don’t hesitate to ask your tutors for help.

Have you ever enrolled in an online or distance learning course? Did you stick with it and find it effective?




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