Online Support Groups Where You Can Vent Your Emotions

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If you have a bad day at work, you cannot blow up and vent your frustrations to everyone in the office. Such an outburst can be considered insubordinate employee behavior and can have negative consequences by impacting your job security. For those individuals who have trusted confidants at work or in their personal lives, they can share their negative work experiences with them. However, if you do not have such options, there are online support groups where you can vent your emotions.

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7 Cups of Tea

7 Cups of Tea is an online support group that also offers a mobile app for download on iOS and Android devices. This group provides free anonymous and confidential chat services with professionally trained volunteer listeners. The network is secure. You can feel confident sharing about any negative workplace experiences because the online venting and “therapy” is anonymous-based. Any type of problems can be discussed during these online chats. Venting your emotions through such a secure online network can help you to regain your composure, change your perspective—and bring you back to the workplace in a positive frame of mind.

Blah Therapy

Blah Therapy was founded in April 2010 by an individual who needed to vent emotions and decided to create an online community for that specific purpose. The community forums and groups are free to join. If you want to vent your emotions to a random stranger (as an active listener) that service is free as well. Venting your emotions to a licensed therapist costs $25 per session. All of the interactions for each option are done anonymously. This online support group is another healthy option for an individual who needs to vent emotions and then come back refreshed to work the next day.

I Rate My Day

I Rate My Day is more of a relaxed online community compared to the other two previously mentioned in this article. Those groups focus on chatting with volunteers who want to help others who need to vent their emotions. The “I Rate My Day” group is more focused on updating your social profile to rate your day. There are five pictures in the rating system, ranging from “great” to “worst”. You can see other friends’ profiles and comment on postings similarly to other major social media sites. This community was created in 2006 and has been growing in membership.

Anonymous Employee

Anonymous Employee is a free online community that is more professionally-based than the other ones mentioned because they offer an opportunity for individuals to anonymously email their employer with complaints. Additionally, if the “two-way” communication option is used, then the employer can also respond back (with the employee’s identity still remaining anonymous). There is a member forum where users can ask questions related to workplace issues and have other members respond to those inquiries. Another feature of the community is that members can access informative articles on topics ranging from “Workplace Violence,” to “Discrimination” to “Favoritism” to name a few.

Venting your emotions in a proper manner is vital to maintaining and further developing yourself  on a personal and professional level. You need to find the proper outlet to vent your emotions and share those negative workplace experiences that you have.