How to Open and Close an Interview Professionally

An interview is an important step in the job selection procedure and successfully performing an interview is essential if you are to hire the best candidate for the role. Although you may believe that the content of the interview is the most important stage, in actual fact, the opening and closing are two of the most important stages in any job interview.

Interview opening

Opening the interview is the most important part of the interview as it sets the tone for the rest of the interview. A professionally opened interview is more likely to result in a successful interview overall.  

Be professionally dressed for the interview in order to accurately reflect the stance of the company. Before commencing with the interview, shake the candidate’s hand and introduce yourself. 

Establish a rapport with the candidate as early on as possible. Maintain an honest, sincere and persuasive attitude at all times, to put the candidate at ease and ensure that their answers are as honest as possible.

Ascertain the purpose of the interview and the type of candidate that you are looking for. You should also explain why you choose to interview that candidate. All of these initial factors will put the candidate at ease and better prepare them for the interview.  


As the interview draws to a close you will need to make it clear to the interviewee that you have no further questions. At this stage you should ask them if they have any questions they would like to ask. Listen carefully to their questions as they can reveal a great deal about a candidate, their interest in the role and how much they have prepared for the role.


Explain what steps will be taken from here. For example, will you be holding a second round of interviews? Approximately how long will the hiring process take? Providing candidates with this information will ensure that they are fully aware of the intentions of the recruiter and what to expect from here.