Organisational iPhone Apps You Should Not Be Without

It would seem that the almighty, all-knowing iPhone isn’t going anywhere fast. When first launched back in 2007, the model took just 74 days to rack up one million worldwide sales. The iPhone 3G (the second in the series) clocked 1million in a single week, the iPhone 4 managed 1.7million and the 4s broke the six zero mark at pre-order stage alone.

Currently it is estimated that there are well over one billion iPhone users on the planet, which I for one find equally horrifying, fascinating and unbelievable. But what is it that makes the iPhone so popular?

Generally considered to be well ahead of the pack in terms of operating system function, app availability and user-to-user integration; do these advantages actually exist, or is the premise of their existence simply the result of one of the most successful (and expensive) marketing campaigns ever hatched by mere mortals? I wouldn’t consider myself qualified to answer this gargantuan question, though would be happy to highlight some of the iPhone app stores very best offerings in relation to a topic that I do have a lot of knowledge on, mostly through my consistent lack of it; namely ORGANISATION.


Committing to memory things that, at the time of first glance are marked with the brains own ‘important, kind of’ stamp, can be tricky. Wouldn’t it be great then if there were some form of technological masterwork that could store them for you?

Meet Evernote, the app stores very own electronic post-it note. Capture important snippets of information throughout your day in either text, picture or screenshot form; and commit them to your iPhone’s memory. After all, who needs an actual memory when you’ve got a shiny hip approx. £500 retail price Californian memory?

Documents to Go

A common thought to pass through my mind when having to exchange documents or information on the move is: thank the lord for computer technology, as I have absolutely no idea how to even turn on a fax machine. Sound familiar?

Documents to Go is an iPhone app no serious professional should be without. Allowing on-the-move access to all of your Microsoft Office documents, it even lets you email through one highly functional and simple to use interface.


The clue is in the name with this one. An app that encourages you to do smart things? Not quite. An app that enables you to do smart things? A bit closer.

In truth, the function of this app is painfully simple; to allow the user to organise and prioritise their daily/weekly/monthly/annual task, or ‘to-do’ list. Kicking yourself? Get over it and go download this infinitely helpful morsel of fruity 21-century genius post-haste.

Organizer Lite

Operating just like a real-life organiser (y’know, one that’s made of paper and stuff). Organizer Lite allows users to enter text and events, use emoji, insert pictures and maps, align contacts and even create diagrams. Oh AND you can record and play voice memos, a feature which pretty much cements this (at least in my eyes) as an essential app for the busy, malnourished and underpaid modern professional/iPhone user.

Designed around the functionality of a simple sheet of paper (no, really), this software will recognise and adjust towards the manner of its user. Long gone are the days of fumbling with touch keys whilst in a hurry.


So there we have it. Whilst I'm certain that there are more apps which are just as helpful in an organisational capacity, these four will serve to get you going.

Why not share news of the apps you’ve found to be helpful in your professional life?




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