How to Organize Games at Work

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Whoever coined this proverb must have disliked the idea of always going to work and getting down to business without having some fun breaks. Workplace games help us to build stronger bonds with workmates, boost our creativity and allow our brains to relax.

When organizing workplace games, it is crucial to develop a detailed plan that will guide you through the event. Poorly-planned office games may not yield the expected results.

To help you get everything ready, here are 7 top tips;

List popular games

Games that bring out the child in an adult are fun: Sack races, potato race or spin on the rod -- you name it. They are fun activities that adults enjoy, especially if their kids around. List all kinds of games that you think would be awesome. If you have no idea, consult your workmates. Get their opinions on the games they would wish to have. Set a theme for that day too.

Identify the number of participants for each game

The event should be all inclusive. However, be sure to identify the number of participant slots each game should have. Dividing workmates into groups using different criteria, such as department groups, helps you plan for the games even better. Doing this also helps you plan for the required gaming materials. You do not want to hold office games where participants lack adequate gaming equipment.

Plan for eateries

With play comes hunger. You cannot enjoy playing on an empty stomach. Therefore, you have to plan for sufficient food and drinks. It has to be good food as well. You can choose between tasking individuals to cook and hiring a catering service. It is, however, preferable to hire a catering service so that all workers can participate in the games without worrying about other responsibilities.

Select the venue

Although it is okay to hold some games in the office, an outdoor venue is ideal. If you choose the latter, select a venue where members can have access to various social facilities, such as rest rooms. It should be easily accessible. Besides, an ideal outdoor venue should be away from the hustle of the city. Take it to the suburbs or camping sites where fresh air rules. Have fun in the wild. If you are lucky enough to get a site that offers catering services, all the better for you. Remember, the venue should be conducive to hold all listed games.

Create a playlist

Music can contribute to the success of office games. Good music stimulates the body, allowing it to be more active. Create an all-inclusive playlist and bring the office radio along.

Get a permit

In some cities, you need a permit to hold an outdoor event. It would be so disappointing to develop a good plan, only to forget obtaining one thing -- a permit. Be sure to obtain it from the relevant authority.

Send reminders

If this is the first time you are planning to hold office games, the day can easily go unnoticed. Send all the participants a reminder two or three days prior to the event. You can use any appropriate means of communications, be it email, text message, social media or office notice board. If you fail to do this, workmates may fail to attend or turn up late.

With these tips, you are now set to have a productive gaming day!


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