How to Organize Your Life With a Free Daily Planner

free daily planner

There is a common belief that a daily planner is only consistently used by organized people. You could get and enhance a daily planner to suit your specific lifestyle. For instance, mark in your planner whenever you have plans for an impromptu social event, need to keep track errands, appointments, or are assigned to an extremely urgent project at work. Here are a couple of tips that can help you plan your life with a free daily planner.

Carry your planner everywhere

In order to stay organized, always keep your planner close by. Ensure that you don’t leave it at home or forget it under a pile of files at work. Keep it in your car, on your desk, or simply carrying it in your purse for convenience. Handheld planners come in sizes that you could even carry around in your pocket. Store it where you will always remember to grab it, even if you are in a hurry.

Prioritize your life

Arrange your daily planner according to activities that matter most in your daily life. Sort out your activities in order of priority and allocate a certain amount of time for each. Timing your activities ensures that you do not take too much time doing what you like as opposed to doing what is most important in your life. Consider thinking of at least five basic activities, such as exercise, working, studying, spending time with family members, hospital appointments and relaxation.

Make a chart

Create a list of all the days of the month ahead in a vertical line down the page to help you categorize each day. Across the top of the page of your free daily planner, put down the five basic activities of your day. Customize the way you organize your activities in this manner. You can put working and studying in the morning column, exercise and relaxation in the afternoon column and time spent with family in the evening column.

Color-code your planner

Color-code your daily planner to make it more organized. Try using different colors for different life events, such as urgent work projects or trips to the store. For instance, you could use yellow for ordinary, daily events and red to represent more urgent events.

Identify your aims

What is the general purpose of organizing your life? Identifying your aims will help you determine the level of urgency of your daily activities. Start out with the most important daily activity because they require higher levels of dedication. Allocate more time to short-term aims to help you realize important goals much faster.

Reward Yourself

Ensure consistency in using your free daily planner by rewarding yourself after achieving any life objectives. You can, for example, treat yourself to the movies with your friends after successfully completing a college thesis.

At the end of the day reward your daily efforts with the pleasure of ticking something off your daily planner, even if it was just a short-term achievement in a long-term plan.




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