Over Half of UK Workers Claim Neglect of their ‘Wellbeing and Health’

A recent survey which spoke to more than 3,000 members of the United Kingdom’s work force has revealed that more than half of lower level employees working in our country’s firms and companies feel a distinct and sustained managerial neglect of their general health and wellbeing. Citing a genuine discomfort as a result of bosses who care only about ‘getting the job done’, and not the welfare of the workers they entrust with doing it, the majority of the individuals spoken to in the survey expressed that they had considered looking for a new role of work as a direct result of the reported negligence.

Carried out earlier this year by the ever-diligent UK-based organisation Investors in People, the study reflects that a total of 54% of the >3,000 workers polled have been left feeling severely unmotivated as a result of the consistent disregard they are shown by their work place superiors. Whilst concluding that, on the whole, most workplace absences caused by sickness were sincere- this ubiquitous feeling of mistreatment among workers could well, quite ironically, be a direct influence of a widespread increase in employees taking unauthorised or unplanned days off from the office.

Happy Staff = Productive Workplace

Bringing to light an obvious, undeniable and direct correlation between the happiness of an organisations workers and its overall productivity, the results of the study merely act to confirm the instincts and assumptions of most clued into the issue. Increasingly severe conditions in many work places, brought about as firms aim to improve profit margins, output and efficiency whilst also cutting staff, is unsurprisingly causing some serious concern among employees.

The head of Investors in People, the organisation who conducted this revealing research into the issue, Paul Devoy, said: “Organisations need to see staff health and well-being as crucial to their business and staff retention. Our research shows that the happier staff are- the less likely they are to take time off sick. What’s more, companies offering health and well-being perks will see real business benefits. They don’t have to be costly – desk posture assessment and support or complimentary fresh fruit in the office can have real positive impact on an employee’s health and make them feel valued.”

A Realistic and Reasonable Perspective

Most people, and not just those would consider themselves to be somewhat neglected by management in their own work place, are likely to find it difficult to disagree with the points put forward by Mr Devoy. A lack of motivation is not only likely to be entirely responsible for the dwindling output of UK workers, but ludicrously easy to mend on the part of employers- who really ought to start treating their staff with more reverence.

As news of the study spreads, I imagine the reception it receives to be one of un-surprise and irritation. I’m sure there are thousands (if not millions) of people out there more who are more qualified than I to lodge their own personal complaints on the matter- and I invite them all to do so below. 


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