How to Overcome a Lonesome and Isolated Career Streak

Behind the numerous smiles we encounter everyday on the streets, in our neighbourhoods and on social media are some of the most lonesome and isolated careerists you’ll ever come across. Most of these rather unfortunate cases can be attributed to external isolating factors beyond their control. While most blame their time-guzzling jobs for their poor social status, others simply work in the most isolated parts of the world. Whichever the case may be, isolation doesn’t discriminate and most careerists suffer more or less the same fate when it comes to a lonesome career streak.

How does Loneliness and Isolation Negatively Affect us?

Though it may be argued that isolation doesn’t come with guaranteed negativity, we can agree on the fact that the likelihood of experiencing its negative side effects is quite high. We can therefore assert that a lonesome and isolated career streak tends to:

  • Make us withhold our issues instead of sharing them thus making us vulnerable to chronic and long term stress.
  • Psychologically disintegrates our social skills leading to anti-social behaviour as we build walls to avoid interaction as much as possible.
  • Handicaps our sense of community consciousness and involvement especially when teamwork is of the essence.
  • Makes us lose touch with those who matter to us the most like our close friends, family and other important acquaintances.

How then should we overcome Loneliness and Isolation?

Overcoming loneliness and isolation in a friendly environment gives you an added advantage since you’re familiar with your surroundings. Besides the habitual telephone calls and online interaction, you should learn to reach out on the ground by:

  • Visiting some of your friends and family members habitually by surprising them with meaningful gifts. They’ll really appreciate your presence especially if you’ve been gone for long.
  • Hosting some colleagues once in a while by preparing events in your house such as Friday parties, book house sessions or spiritual fellowships. This will of course be at the discretion of your creativity.
  • Participating in volunteer work. Visiting the sick in hospital and orphans in children’s’ homes is the perfect opportunity for you to nurture kind, friendly and hospitable social skills. In addition, giving back to the community enhances your social consciousness and makes you grateful for your life.

Someone might also go ahead and ask,

What if I’m Working in the most Isolated Parts of the World?

As I said earlier, some careerists are lonesome because of their isolated and rather unfriendly locations. For instance, soldiers fighting in foreign land, oil rig workers in the middle of the ocean or even doctors on volunteer missions in third world countries. Thus, in a bid to overcome a lonesome career streak, you should:

  • Keep tabs on your close friends and family that are far away via telephone calls, telecommunication avenues like skype and a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and so forth.
  • Befriend a few of your workmates by indulging in extra-curricular activities during your free time. Consider Buddhist Monks. Despite the fact that they reside in the mountains, they also interact with each other to keep their social skills afresh. 
  • Watch TV shows and Listen to radio programmes that remind you of your hospitable home Environment.
  • Gradually acclimatise with the culture of surrounding communities since you might be surprised by the number of interesting characters that you might be overlooking.

While it might be easy for some of us to adapt to the changes discussed above, others might have to seek the help of a psychologist to ease this burden. It is highly recommended especially for those who’ve been lonesome and isolated for quite a number of years now and are confused as to where they should begin. Ultimately, overcoming a lonesome and isolated career streak can’t be a microwaved process. It’s up to you to take the first step in achieving this goal in life.


Sourced Image: Lonely