How to Overcome Monday Morning Email Chaos

Out of the 365 days making up a year, you spend 81 days sorting out your e-mails. This translates to 28 percent of your time at work or 650 hours a year says a report from McKinsey Global Institute. Monday morning e-mail chaos can however prolong the number of days you read, analyze and respond to emails on an annual scale because they slow you down. Low work tempo may, on the other hand, mean inefficient communication between you and your employer, clients or suppliers. It’s consequently significant to know how to overcome your Monday morning e-mail bedlam to avoid losing clients, groundbreaking business or career opportunities.

Get the Right E-mail Server 

Get a technologically advanced e-mail server to ease your work. Consider the server’s ability to pair up with e-mail applications such as Outlook or SMS connector which enables you to configure your e-mails for mobile communication devices. You will, as a result, be able to handle e-mails from anywhere at any time, turning you into a miracle worker free of Monday e-mail chaos. Avoid annoying e-mail experiences such as interception by incorporating the use of transport layer security systems and APOP or CRAM-MD5 which aids in efficient log-in and log-out processes. Check if the server includes sieve configurations to be able to pinpoint the most urgent e-mail in your inbox and eliminate confusion and anxiety that stem from Monday e-mail chaos.

Practice Brevity

Write brief and concise e-mails especially on a Monday morning to help reduce the workload fast and reliably. Use bullet points and provide hyperlinks to web pages containing the information your business associates may have requested over the weekend. This pushes up your online ratings on search engines and improves your visibility globally owing to the higher number of unique visitors your site is bound to receive. Respond to some of the e-mails via phone since talking to people can cheer you up, push aside e-mail related anxiety and shield you from Monday e-mail chaos attacks.

Outsource your E-mails

Send e-mails seeking general information such as types of products that you have available, discounts or prices to outsourcing firms with excellent e-mail services. Ensure that the firm is conversant with your operations to give your existing and potential clients accurate and helpful information. This leaves you with a handful of e-mails to respond to come Monday morning. Pick up other options as well and hire talented online freelance writers if the e-mails require detailed information written from scratch or if you can’t afford e-mail service fees charged by professional e-mail outsourcing companies.

Last but not least Prepare Early

Take 20 to 30 minutes to prepare for your Monday morning e-mailing stints before leaving the office on Friday evening. This prepares you psychologically and gives you a head start since reading and writing e-mails on Monday morning will appear as a continuation of the previous week’s work and not a totally fresh and disorienting assignment. Avoid procrastination when it comes to early preparations. It’s always the major cause of "Monday blues"; a condition that Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes Magazine notes that can worsen your Monday morning e-mail chaos, leaving you lethargic and depressed enough to mess up your entire week.

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