How to Overcome Nervousness When on a Stage

When you know you have an upcoming event that is going to require you to be on stage, it can be nerve-racking. You may be feeling terrified and want to drop out of the whole ordeal. However, you know it’s important that you attend this event. How do you overcome your nervousness? How do you let go of that terrible case of stage fright?

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect, right. Sure, while you practice, nobody is around, so it seems easier. However, the more you practice the more you are going to be familiar with the song, poem or speech you’re going to be presenting, which will make it easier for you when the big day comes. You will feel so confident with what you are saying that it will bother you even less when the day arrives.

2. Ask a Trusted Family Member/Friend for Help

Do you have a family member or friend that you can rely on? Once you feel comfortable practicing alone, try presenting your speech in front of them. The more confidence that you have, the easier it will be once you get up on that stage.

3. Get a Group of People Together

Once you have practiced with one person, now step it up a bit and start practicing on a group of people. Contact a bunch of friends, family or even neighbors, and see who can come act as an audience as you present your speech. You may know these people, but you will notice it will still be easier once you get on stage because of practicing in front of a group.

4. Relax Your Body

The best thing you can do to bring down your anxiety naturally is to relax your body. When you relax your body, your thoughts won’t be racing so much, and you can calm yourself down. Yoga and mindfulness are both great techniques for this. When you stretch your arms, back and legs, it will reduce the tension in your body. Yoga and mindfulness are essential to get you in a calm state, especially for a speech on stage.

5. Remain Confident

Do not tell anyone that you are nervous. Remain calm and act confident. People perceive you the way you let them. If you show you’re nervous, they will focus on that. However, if you come off confident, they won’t think anything of it.

6. Arrive Early

Get to the place before the audience. When you get there earlier, you will feel more in control of the room. When you show up to a place full of people, it can seem intimidating. Not to mention, if you are early, you’re going to feel less rushed.

To feel less anxious, follow the above tips. If you utilize them, you should feel more at peace when you’re on stage. Remember, practice makes perfect. You will become a pro at it in no time, and you won’t even be bothered anymore by the thought of being on stage in front of an audience.