Overcome the Fear of Presenting in 5 Steps

We have probably all experienced this fear during the first years of college life: the fear of presenting. Let’s face it, most of us would choose classes that don’t involve making presentations fearing that we might get humiliated, rejected or fail to get a message across clearly. But being able to speak in public and present your ideas is an integral part of professional and personal life too, which means that your speaking skills can influence your success at every level. Well, the fear of presenting is based on the same panic trick as other fears.

Here are some useful tricks you should try in order to master the awkward fear of presenting:


Take a moment to recall a calm and charming place and breathe in through your nose. Slowly exhale through your mouth until you feel entirely empty. Follow this procedure for 15 minutes, and you will immediately relax and focus your thoughts.

Be present

While waiting for your turn to appear on stage or on the podium to speak, observe the environment around you and make observations using your five senses. However, refrain from making judgments or commenting on what you observe.  This exercise will help you sharpen your level of awareness.


A few days or weeks before the actual day of the presentation, try to visualise the event and the details, e.g.  what you will wear, possible questions the audience might pose, etc. This will help you proactively prepare for potential scenarios and improve your self-confidence too.


You can easily get rid of the anxiety of presenting by moving or using body language around the stage while presenting. This will make the presentation more interesting and help you to build rapport with your audience.

Focus on your audience

The truth is that we often feel anxious because we focus on how well we will perform in front of the public. However, when presenting it is also important  to channel your energy to your audience and not back into your own head.

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Watch this video to get a better idea of the steps needed to overcome the fear of presenting.