How to Overcome Undervaluing Yourself

We’ve all fallen victim to undervaluing ourselves in the past. This is particularly true of those who work within the creative industries. If we want to ensure we’re getting paid for what we’re worth, we have to make sure we’re valuing ourselves correctly. So, let’s take a look at how you can overcome undervaluing yourself. It’s easier than you think.

1. Review the Hours You’ve Spent Studying

One of the reasons we constantly undervalue ourselves is we don’t feel like we’re good enough. We don’t feel as if we’ve spent enough time learning our craft. This feeling often never fades whether we’ve worked for ten hours or ten thousand hours.

Take a moment to think about the time you’ve spent studying your trade. This is all valuable, and you weren’t getting paid for it. Those hours you’ve spent puts you in an exclusive circle of sought-after people.

2. Look at the Facts of Capitalism

We live in a capitalist world, and that means our value is often based on what other people think we’re worth. Anyone can declare himself a master of something, but if nobody else agrees, these words become meaningless.

If you’ve already had paying customers, you’re already valuable. Someone is willing to pay for your unique set of skills. It’s that simple. That makes you valuable already. It may not dictate whether you’re undervaluing yourself, but it dictates you have some value.

3. The Flaws Holding You Back

Most people undervalue themselves because they can notice the flaws within themselves. This stops them from charging that higher price and asking for more, even from existing clients. Unfortunately, when one flaw dissipates, another appears and they never move forward. It’s why some people discover they’ve stuck at the same price point for years.

Understand these flaws are flaws only a creative person would understand. Your average customer won’t notice them and won’t complain about them. They’re already willing to pay more.

4. Grow Your Confidence

You’ve heard of the term ‘fake it to make it’ and the variations of. Good business is about getting the confidence to charge more and to ask for more. If you have confidence in your abilities and the confidence to ask someone for more, you’re always going to ascend to a higher level.

Here’s a trick to grow your confidence. Write down the fears relating to your business. Aim to make progress in overcoming one or more of these fears every day. To offer some accountability, write down what you’ve done to move forward each day.

5. Keep Learning

To avoid losing confidence in yourself, keep developing yourself as a professional. Revalue and reassess what you know and what you need to know. The best professionals will never stop learning because they understand they’re competing with others for the same work. They want to give their customers more so they can charge those higher prices.

Go out of your way to learn something new each day, even if it’s only something small. It all helps in becoming a better worker. Over time, you’ll realise that you’re naturally able to charge more because you have, in fact, been undervaluing yourself.

See, it doesn’t take much to stop undervaluing yourself. Reflect on what you can do now and what you can do to improve. Add in a dash of confidence, and you’ll soon have the guts to ask for more. After all, the worst a client can say is ‘no’. It’s not going to make or break your relationship and it’s not going to make you look ungrateful or as if you’re being rude.