Ownership: The One Thing You Need to Get Ahead at Work


Owning it is a useful philosophy to have in most or all aspects of life, but it can also help you with your career. Learn how to own success at work.

We often talk about getting ahead at work as if it’s some kind of mythical concept that most people can never achieve. It’s true that for many people, if not for most, getting ahead at work is difficult, and it’s often a path with so many obstacles that few stay the course, no matter how determined they are to see their careers succeed. The reason this happens and why the path becomes so hard is because we often take the wrong steps that lead us no closer to career success.

You see, being capable does not necessarily mean that you’ll succeed in your career, it’s often an attribute that can help you get there but it does not, in any way, guarantee that you’ll be able to succeed. There’s just too much competition and no matter how talented you are it’s not always possible to move up in the world just because you have the skills.

The Key to Success

The key to succeeding in life is taking ownership. It all starts with holding yourself accountable for anything and everything that has to do with your career, but it also extends to taking accountability or rather offering to take responsibility for things that do not necessarily fall under your jurisdiction.

How Ownership Can Help You

Taking ownership means making sure that what you deliver is top notch, whether that’s projects, day to day work tasks, etc. Everything that goes through your hands has to come out in perfect shape because this is the only way that you’ll be entrusted with more responsibilities.

Once you’ve made sure that everything you deliver is in tip top shape, and your superiors are happy with your performance, then you can start thinking of other areas you can take ownership of. Ask your boss for more responsibilities. This will demonstrate your enthusiasm for work, and it will also prove to your boss that you are an action-taker.

Showing your boss that you can be the go-to guy can help you become a leading figure in the company. It can help you gain the respect of your boss and even your colleagues, but, more importantly, it will push more work your way which can help make you indispensable.

How to Take Ownership

You may think that taking ownership is all about being handed more work and given responsibility for the big projects. But the reality is if you don’t start with the small projects there’s no way you’re going to be given responsibility for bigger stuff.

Start by offering to do anything and everything that can help your team function better, even if that’s doing some filing or fetching coffee for a client. Become the person who thinks of everything before anyone else; this will help your boss understand that you can be trusted.

Taking ownership at work can help push your career forward so make sure that you take this step to ensure professional success.

Do you take ownership at work? Has this helped your career? Share your experiences in the comment section below.




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