How to Pack Like a Pro - 10 Tips From Cabin Crew

When it comes to packing a suitcase for a business trip or vacation from work, we are often guilty of over packing and only wearing half the items packed. So, make the most out of your suitcase and pack like a professional … As Cabin Crew, I am always on the go and need to pack for any destination and can be away for one night or 15, so it is important to preplan and get the most out of my suitcase. Clothing must always be wearable, suitable for any occasion and with the least creasing, although I will still borrow a hotel iron for my uniform shirt! Here are my top tips:

1# Buy quality luggage that will last – most Cabin Crew rate Samsonite and Delsey or similar.

2# Line shoes around the outside of the suitcase, so there is less damage to clothing. Shoe bags are also useful to protect them.

3# Roll small items like underwear and socks and place inside the shoes to save more space.

4# Roll clothing (t-shirts, dresses, casual skirts and trousers etc.) and then place in layers in the suitcase.

5# Fold uniform/suit flat and place in protected pocket inside to keep in place.

6# Place toiletry bag inside a plastic zip-lock bag in case of leakage and if you are not checking your suitcase in, make sure it meets the liquid packing rules of the country you are leaving. It is good to have a separate small travel kit that you can top up, rather than have full size products.

7# Make sure any fragile items are wrapped in soft clothing bundles to protect.

8# Finally, layer folded jeans or trousers on top to compress the layers.

9# Try and keep electrical items to a minimum and preferably carry in your hand luggage – tablets are multipurpose and great space savers. Don’t forget an adapter and phone charger.

10# Use vacuum bags if you still have the tendency to over pack. These compression bags for clothing are especially designed for travel and take up half the space.

If possible, have a ‘capsule wardrobe’ in mind that has maybe 10 items in neutral colours that can be mixed and matched. This is very practical, useful for any occasion and you never have to worry about what clothes to pack. Try to have natural fabrics only as they will crease less – cotton, wool and silk are good and linen can take a little creasing.

Cabin Crew always leave a bit of room for shopping and souvenirs, so it is good to pack with space to spare for those last minute purchases. We also like to have a few home comforts when we are on the road – that may be a photo, a travel candle or room spray and a few emergency snacks are good too, for beating jet lag and late night hunger.

As we travel so much, we also leave our suitcase out and packed to go… so on returning from a trip, the clothing gets washed and then goes straight back in the suitcase, saving precious time and energy and we are ready for our next trip.

If you have any tips for business travelers then please comment below!