Paddy Jones’ Inspiring Success

The one question that crops into every professional’s mind, irrespective of their position in the career trajectory is; till what age would paid work still be available to them? The answers, quite obviously, revolve around the magical figures of 65. After that, it is probably the end of the road for almost everyone.

No wonder, the judges at this year’s Britain’s Got Talent opted to be cynical about the next performance, as Paddy Jones walked on to the stage with her partner Nico Espinosa in tow. Nothing out of the ordinary in that; other than the fact that Paddy was a seventy-nine-year-old grandmother, dressed to salsa her way into stardom.

Audiences and judges alike, did not appear to be either too confident or too enthusiastic about the septuagenarian’ prospects. Paddy’s slow and ordinary start to her performance soon forced a look of boredom from judge Simon Cowell, who pressed the red buzzer to express his dissatisfaction. It was at this point that Paddy simply pulled the bunny out of the hat.

Together with Espinosa, Paddy went on to set the stage on fire with moves not usually recommended for a person of her age. As her body swirled and contorted to display some eye-popping results, audiences were left gapping in disbelief at what they were seeing.

An equally shocked Amanda Holden immediately welcomed Paddy to BGT’s legacy with a golden buzzer. And all that drama can be experienced in the attached video.

However, for Paddy it is only the beginning of an exciting journey ahead. At her age, others would hardly step-out of their house, let alone step-on to a national stage. Paddy proved to be different and her rise in BGT proves a couple of points to many who think that they are too old to achieve success in their lives or that their careers are over.

#1 For those who refuse to learn

Paddy had left behind her love for dancing when she got married and went on to raise four kids. However, the death of her husband in 2001 left her lonely and she decided to adorn her dancing shoes again to beat the gloom. That was ten years ago and today she is leaving the world dumbfounded.

It is a lesson for all who fall back on their already acquired wisdom and refuse to learn. It is important that irrespective of age, the desire to learn should always be kept ignited. Only then can one achieve the success which they desire.

#2 For those who refuse to try

There are many who get so comfortable at where they are that they refuse to try newer things. Complacency is the root-cause of everything that can go wrong with one’ career and it should be kept at bay. Thus, it is important that newer domains be looked into and be given a try to find a way out of the rut.

Paddy, although was depressed after her husband’s death didn’t just sit around, rather she went back to her love for dancing and worked hard to win a Spanish talent show. And she didn’t stop there, she also decided to take on BGT and left the world enthralled, once again.

#3 For those who think it’s the end of the road

If at 79, paddy can renew her moves, then it there is no reason for anyone on this planet to think that age is a barrier for success. If one is willing to work hard towards the success they desire, then there is nothing that will stop them. Paddy has proven that it is never too late to start anything and success is also not too far away from the one who accept challenges.

Paddy’s success at her age has inspired not only people who are way past their prime, but also those who are feeling let down by circumstances especially in the current economic climate. Everyone needs to simply watch her once, to realize that if a frail looking grandmother can move the way that she does, there is no excuse for others to give up.

It is never too late! Never!