Paint Ball Company Offers £40,000 a Year to Shoot at Qualified Tester

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More than 10,000 people from all over the world are considering getting shot in exchange for money.

A job advertisement by one British paintball company is asking to hire a person that wouldn’t mind being used as a part-time Human Bullet-Impact Tester.

The purpose behind the study is to assess health and safety procedures, particularly in response to a number of injuries that have occurred within the paintball industry.

The company UKPaintball says that it hopes to conduct safety checks that will help determine how damaging these weapons are to the human body.

Before they decide to place any more paintballs on the market, the company plans to look for any faults and errors that could be causing preventable harm and injury.

UKPaintball detailed how challenging and sometimes risky the experiment may be for the tester.

In the advertisement, the company wrote that the chosen applicant would be asked to wear minimum layers of clothing as well as avoid putting on protective gear.

They will be expected to move around while being shot. This may encompass running, leaping, walking, or climbing.

In an effort to create a "worst case" scenario, the person will have to endure strikes from paint-filled pellets, which may leave bruising and some soreness.

The company plans to only use professional shooters to carry out the test.

After receiving applications from people located in areas like the U.S. and India, UKPaintball—which owns over 60 locations in the country—has recommended the type of person that would make the best candidate.

"With an extremely competitive pro-rata salary, the role is perfect for any students looking to make some extra cash, or perhaps a gap year student wanting to fund some international travel...we want to hear from people with a high pain threshold and those to whom fear is a foreign concept."

Owner Justin Toohig says that a number of applicants have provided reasons as to why they would make the perfect guinea pig—including those with a high tolerance of pain or just experience with guns.

Claims on the company’s website have varied, including a former army serviceman sharing his past experience with artillery. Another applicant mentioned how his chubby weight may make him easier to hit.

Then you have the funnier comments like this one: 

"I always dreamed of being face-covered by paint while screaming so I think I can be the perfect tester."

Although the job offer is what you would call strange or uncommon, UKPaintball was quite surprised to receive so many job submissions.

“We couldn’t have predicted that so many people in the UK and beyond would want to get shot for a living,” said Toohig.

Now that the advertisement has reached thousands of people, the firm says that it will be very difficult to minimize the competition to just one applicant.

Whoever the lucky person is will be compensated £40,000 ($60,747.60 ) a year just for sacrificing their body to the paintball experiment.

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