Paying for LinkedIn - Well Worth it for Recruiters and Job Seekers

Those of you who have a LinkedIn account are all too familiar with the constant reminder that you can and should upgrade your account. As tempting as it is, of course you have to pay for it. After some research on the benefits of paying for your LinkedIn account – I have come to the conclusion that for recruiters and job seekers, that small investment is well worth it. Does anyone really pay for LinkedIn? According to an infographic by Andrew Macarthy, 39% of over 200 million LinkedIn users do. So check out these benefits to decide whether upgrading to a Premium account with make your job, or job search, easier.

Benefits for Recruiters

Profile Organiser – The profile organiser is ideal for anyone in recruitment, as it offers the option to file profiles in different folders. In this case you can neatly organise your clients, and job seekers, for easy access. This is especially useful when you want to keep profiles that caught your attention but weren’t a good fit for a specific vacancy. You can keep them in a specific file to reach out when you do find yourself looking for a candidate in their specific industry. This option works hand in hand with email notifications to basically do your job for you when it comes to filtering candidates.

Premium Search Filters – With the updated account, you are not limited when searching for candidates. The free account allows 100 search results – as opposed to the 1000 search results you will receive with the paid account. It is estimated that you can find who you are looking for in half the time that it would take you with a free account. Job Seekers who have upgraded their account and are active in their job search will also appear at the top of your search results. 

Email Notification – You actually get a notification straight to your email when any of your connections that change their job/position/etc. match the criteria you are looking for. This is extremely handy when looking for candidates to fill a specific vacancy. It also will save you hours of headhunting by having eligible candidates right in your inbox. 


Benefits for Job Seekers

Job Seeker Badge – With the upgrade you can choose the option to put a badge on your page which mentions that you are actively searching for a job. This is brought to the attention to any recruiters who come across your profile. The badge is a great way to attract headhunters.

Search Result Priority – Job Seekers rise to the top of results in the list of applicants when applying for a job through LinkedIn. You will also appear at the top of search results when being searched by hiring managers.

InMails– You have the option to send InMails, which is direct contact to recruiters, or hiring managers of your choice. If InMails do not receive a response, you get a refund. InMails are said to have a 30% higher response rate than regular emails, so it’s worth the investment if you are serious about your job search.


Package Prices

There are 3 options for upgrading your recruiter account. These are the prices for each:

Package Name

Price per Month for Year

Price per Month Paid Monthly

Talent Basic



Recruiter Lite



Recruiter Corporate




In both cases of recruiters and job seekers, there are a few common features that are helpful. This includes InMail, Introduction Requestes, and Profile Statistics. Being able to contact directly, get introduced, and understand who is looking at your profile is beneficial for both. LinkedIn is one of, if not the top online platform for connecting recruiters with talent. So if you are in the recruitment industry or unemployed – the investment of upgrading your LinkedIn account will be well worth while. Have you payed for a LinkedIn account? If so - tell us about your experience by commenting below.