People You Should Never Date in the Workplace

At some point or another in your working life, you may find yourself falling for someone that you work with. While many of us choose to steer clear of office romances, others can’t help falling in love, and end up having a relationship with a colleague that either results in long-term bliss, or an epic fail.

Though most offices don’t have a policy on office romance, it is best to approach the situation with caution, as the last thing you want is to jeopardize your career for the sake of prince charming or a fairy princess. Especially if they turn out to be a complete ******* in the end.

Regardless of whether it is a fleeting passion, love at first sight, jealousy or just admiration from afar; here is a list of people in the office who it is best not to date.

The Intern

Dating the office intern can result in serious troubles! You could be putting both your and the interns career opportunities in danger. This is especially true if you are in a senior position as the other workers may think that you give him/her special treatment even when you don’t. However if you are sneaking off for special breaks during working hours then it is likely that you are giving your new love interest special treatment and alienating the rest of the staff. If you end up splitting up as soon as the internship is over, you will have made yourself and the company look pretty foolish.

 The IT Guy

Dating the office IT guy can have its office perks while it lasts. If your company has a policy on Social Media access for example, he may lift it for you and let you go on any website you want. If you split up however you may find it takes a day to get something that takes 20 minutes to get fixed.

The Boss

Well this one is pretty much a no brainer. While many are blinded by the potential perks and workplace benefits they can get out of the relationship, if it does go sour, you could find yourself unemployed too! There are far too many risks involved to date your boss, so unless you really have found your soul mate, steer clear of this one!

The Serial Dater

There’s one in every office – a philanderer who will go out of his way to make you a prime target for professional gossip and hostility. Avoid the serial dater like the plague; find out who is who and once you have identified the philanderer, be sure to turn him down the second he asks you out on a date!

I imagine you can see a pattern here: it might seem fun to date people in the office, after all it does give a lift to an otherwise boring day at work, but if it does take a nose dive, then your workplace could be the last place you want to be. Whether you end up getting the sack or have to leave on your own accord, your career prospects could be harmed. As the old saying goes ‘Don’t’ **** where you eat’. 




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