Personality Types of Successful People [Infographic]

Finding out what your personality type is, can help you find where you belong career-wise. These people already do! Find their name on the infographic.

Your personality says a lot about how you behave in the workplace. If you are introverted, you are more likely to enjoy solitude and carrying out individual work than working in a team. But, if you are more extroverted, you won’t mind being the centre of attention or even leading a meeting.

This fantastic infographic produced by Colonial Life explains the different Myers-Briggs personality types and looks at the results of many famous and successful people to find what their personality type is. As this infographic shows, J.K. Rowling is more of an INFP, Barack Obama is ENFJ and Beyoncé is ISFJ! Want to learn what these letters stand for? Take a closer look at the infographic to find out!

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What’s your personality type? Have you managed to figure it out? Let us know in the comments section below!