Phrases That Will Instantly Calm Angry or Emotional People

You never know when a customer will walk into your business and go completely crazy because something didn’t go how they thought it should. Most of the time we are shouted at, we get defensive, and we start screaming back, which of course makes us just as angry as the person who initiated the fight, and this in its turn, makes the said person even angrier.

Hard as it might be though, you shouldn’t allow an angry person to make you angry, too. You should instead try to calm them to avoid any further drama for the sake of your business. This is why you should take a deep breath and try talking to them, but don’t fall into the trap of telling them to calm down. What you should tell them is this:

1. I Want to Help

Angry and emotional people don’t just get angry and emotional, they usually have a reason for getting angry, and while this reason might have nothing to do with you, you should still try to help them. In order to do that, the first thing you should tell them is that you’d like to help.

The key here is to keep your voice calm and not be very loud. Sure they might be screaming their head off, but you shouldn’t scream louder so that they can hear you. Extend your hand towards them, but don’t touch them since emotional people often perceive touching as hostile. So simply extend your hand towards them, and tell them that you want to help.

2. How Can I Help?

question in head

Posing questions to angry and emotional people is a great idea because their brain tells them that they need to provide you with an answer. This essentially means that they’ll need to go into a more intellectual state and actually think, during this process they are going to stop being angry because they’ll move away from their animal instincts and start listening to you.

What’s great with this one is that they’ll stop thinking that you are the enemy, and they are going to realize that you are their friend. This is good because A. it keeps them from killing you and B. it will be that much easier to calm them down.

3. Ask Questions

ask answer questions angry

Trying to explain to an angry or emotional person that they are in the wrong is pointless. Angry and emotional people perceive your need to explain to them that they are wrong and you are right as fighting back. And you definitely don’t want an angry person thinking that you are fighting back; it will make them just that much angrier.

So instead, you should try asking questions. To do that you need to tune into whatever crazy thing they are going on about and show interest, it’s important that you don’t point out to them that they are not making any sense because this will just make them even angrier.

Try to engage with what they are saying, and keep on asking questions till the person calms down. Also, asking questions will force them to start thinking, which will also help with making them less angry every step of the way.

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It’s important to realize that we all get angry from time to time and that we all need that special treatment when we do. So if you ever find yourself having to deal with an angry or emotional person fight your instinct and don’t get angry too. Realize that the priority is calming them down and that you should do anything in your power to achieve that.

How do you calm angry and emotional people? Do you have an expert way of doing it? Share with us in the comment section below.