How to Pick the Best from the Rest

If you have recently advertised a position for a young jobseeker and are about to begin the CV evaluation procedure, don’t be too overwhelmed! There are a number of techniques that you can employ to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

In today’s competitive and highly saturated market you might receive anywhere between 50 and 400 resumes for any one position. If you have a stack of some 300 resumes sitting before you, don’t begin the evaluation process with blinkers on. Have a solid plan in place – and stick to it!

Evaluating the CVs

Begin with an idea of how many candidates you would like to interview. From here, sort the resumes into three piles – ‘YES, NO’ and ‘MAYBE’. Have in mind 3 to 4 key factors that you will be looking out for when evaluating:

  • A sharp opening
  • Direct, concise sentences
  • Keywords
  • Good spelling and grammar

Look for a cut above the rest. Something unique that will make you think – this person really has potential. Don’t allow yourself to hesitate. Hesitations should immediately be placed in the Maybe pile. It is important not to waste too much time evaluating any one resume.

Other factors for consideration

Once you have sorted your resumes into 3 general piles, move on to reviewing the YES pile.

When reviewing young candidates, look at whether or not they worked while in school. This tells you a great deal about their work ethic and hunger to succeed. It also means they will be willing to do the most basic jobs when first hired, without expecting to be thrown into something more glamorous.

How else did the individual make use of free time while at college? Did they volunteer or do an unpaid internship? How constructively did they use their free time?