How to Plan a Retirement Party

Retirement should be a memorable occasion for both the retiree and those remaining in the organization. In addition it should also be a chance to show gratefulness for all parties concerned. Here are a few steps to help you arrange a successful retirement party.

Seek ideas from co-workers for the event

Ask co-workers of the retiree for ideas on the kind of party they will like to have. It is not automatic that the retiree will enjoy the party. However, his colleagues know him better and thus they will be in a position to give ideas on what the retiree loves so that it is included in the party.

Come up with a financial plan for the retirement party

A financial plan will guarantee that you can cover the cost of the party. Typical expenses that you may incur are the cost of the venue and also purchasing a retirement present. The funds accessible may also restrict the number of visitors.

Find a retirement theme

It’s generally a pleasant touch to set the theme of the party around the retiree’s most loved activities or memories. This may be as basic as showing a couple of pictures from his or her past or simply referencing the retiree’s arrangements for retirement. In the event that the employee has arrangements to travel amid retirement, then this might be the subject of the occasion.

Choose a location for the event

The location where you are to hold the event shall determine all the activities that are part of the party. If the celebration includes games and other outdoor activities, then it should be held in an open place. However, if it is all about eating, drinking and giving of speeches then you may choose a restaurant or use the boardroom in your organization.

Draw an invitation list

Once you know where you are to hold the party, it is prudent that you draw up a guest list. Don’t overlook old friends of the retiree because such occasions are designed to look back on an individual’s career thus it is good for people who have been with him since the inception of his career to be part of the moment.

Buy a gift for the retiree

Gifts are nice! The most ideal approach to handle retirement gifts is to have everybody contribute to a general fund so that you can purchase something memorable. It should be a gift that the retiree can use after retirement. Pick something that is proper and imitates the sort of individual the retiree is. Incorporating a photograph collection as a major aspect of the gift is a popular option. Incorporate photos of the retiree and associates as the years progressed, alongside messages from co-workers and bosses.

Get a photographer to take photographs during the event

Photos are a great reminder of a good party. Therefore it is good to include the cost of photography and video recording in the budget

Get co-worker stories

Get the co-workers of the retiree to prepare their stories on their experiences and interactions with the retiree throughout the working period. This will be a chance to share favourite memories with the retiree as they give their encounter on what they have gone through together.

Toast to the moment

Task a co-worker or a superior with the responsibility of offering a toast to the moment. This should entail an appreciation of the retiree’s role. It should also bring the mood of regretting losing the employee’s services. A toast ought to be solemn and positive at the same time.

The suggestions above are likely to come in handy if you are preparing to send off a retiring employee.



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