Planning Ahead to Avoid Sickness During Business Travel

rything else that can go wrong during business travel, the last thing you need to worry about is being off your game due to a health problem that probably could have avoided. Fortunately, many of the typical things that can turn a pleasant business trip into journey straight to the depths of Hades can avoided simply with careful planning beforehand.  

Business travel means eating out. Maybe the meals will be covered by your budget and maybe that budget will mean a nice restaurant every night. Then again, maybe your budget leans more toward yelling into fast food drive-thru speakers than serene background music at a full service dining establishment. Here’s the thing: regardless of the budget and the places you spend it, anywhere that serves food is ultimately a gamble.   

Never order food anywhere while a business trip without first tossing a roll of Tums or Rolaids into your pocket and without packing a bottle of Pepto-Bismol or Maalox to keep back at the hotel. You should also make sure to pack the most effect pain reliever you know if you know there is any chance at all you will be eating food that coincides with coming down with a headache.  This advice is especially crucial for meals you eat the night before your big meeting or the most important interview of your career.  

Severe cases of food poisoning are not what you need to plan for since there’s not much you can do to avoid them. What you can plan to avoid is consumption of food that you know has a history of producing constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating or migraines. You might also think of adding one other thing to your arsenal for planning against unwanted health surprises during business travel. Take a little something to control flatulence before agreeing to go out eating with a business associate. You never know when business etiquette or business smarts is going to dictate making the decision to eat something you know you shouldn’t. 

Of course, sometimes you don’t even need to be eating something you know you shouldn’t for a business trip to become a health issue. If your business travel takes you to anywhere where clean drinking water could potentially be an issue, you probably already know enough to stick with bottled water. Drinking bottled is definitely a part of careful planning to avoid the possibility of very serious diarrhea ruining everything you hoped to accomplish on a business trip. The real danger may lie in the less obvious sources of contaminated water. This is especially true for those new to business travel. All the bottled water in the world offers no protection against coming down with a nasty bug if you are chilling it with ice produce from local water. Also keep in mind that a business trip to a location with a dodgy clean water situation is no place to stubbornly stick to your diet by frequently the salad bar. Salad bars, local food markets and any other place where fresh produce is still wet with the dewy remains of the local water used to clean it are all best avoided if you want to stay as healthy as possible.   

Don’t be lulled into thinking that just because you proudly boast of never experiencing allergic symptoms at home that you will be so lucky on the road. Go ahead and shell out for the allergy medication if business travel will be sending you to a different climate than you are used to or exposing you to unfamiliar flora and fauna. Whether traveling from a humid region to a desert region or being surrounded by species of plants you’ve never seen before, it simply makes sense to plan against an inopportune sneezing fit, bloodshot eyes, a runny nose and itchy skin.  

Finally, you just can’t expect to set off on a business trip an expect that any recurring health issues are going to magically disappear. Call your dentist and request some pain relief if a tooth has been threatening to turn into an issue. Consider investing in some back pain patches you can surreptitiously fit beneath your suit during a business meeting to ward off those spasms of late. Stop by the drug store and get something to help you sleep if you know you will be up all night worrying about the trip’s biggest event. Planning ahead is not that difficult if you just focus on what you know has real potential to become an issue affecting your health and wellness.

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