Pop! App Owner Swallows Data Storage Pill

Now here’s a tech news story that’s just so bizarre it’s almost unbelievable. Chris Koch an entrepreneur is reported to have swallowed a data pill that is capable of retaining personal data whilst inside his body. We all know that entrepreneurs are really good at finding new ways to promote their businesses and products, but Koch has certainly upped the ante with his bid to promote his business-orientated app Pop! It is fair to say that he has achieved his PR goal. The gastric resistant data pill that Koch swallowed was created by a company called Snepo. The entrepreneur has swallowed the pill all for the sake of a competition and to demonstrate how simple it is for users to store and share their personal data using his app.

Data from participating contestants can be stored on the device that this dare devil entrepreneur has swallowed and this is where things get a little or even more strange. Contestants can also get real-time coverage on how the pill is being digested by viewing the pill inside Koch’s body courtesy of a live stream.

Promotional antics like this one are few and far between and so far it looks like Koch and his business partner Chad Stephens are well on their way to achieving the viral exposure this pill popping act is about to generate for their Pop! app. Koch has expressed how he felt about preparing for this epic event making the following statement:

“I had actually practiced on a chocolate egg that was much smaller and that didn’t feel so good when it went down, so I was s******g myself for the actual pill.

However when I actually swallowed it, it went down easier that I was expecting. It kind of feels like something is sitting at the very top of my stomach right now, but it could be my mind playing tricks.”

Despite seeking medical advice from professionals (who advised that this was all not a very good idea,) Koch is has clearly taken a risk by swallowing this data device. An x-ray was taken earlier this week which showed the device awkwardly being digested by his body, proof that he has actually swallowed the data storage pill.

The entrepreneurial app market is a tough market to crack. New apps like Pop! require all the promotional exposure they can get in order to succeed, however, is this a step too far? Hopefully, the pill will make its way through Koch’s body without causing any serious damage. It is difficult not to marvel at how ingeniously innovative this whole biological marketing campaign is. The very act of swallowing the data storage pill is quite clever because it aligns with what the app that is being promoted plus, this act demonstrates the possible future of personal data storage, albeit in a very gross way.

By the end of this week every tech blog will be buzzing about the Melbourne-based entrepreneur who swallowed a data storage device and that is the kind of publicity you just can’t pay for.


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