How to Post Jobs on Craigslist Without Sounding like a Scam

Jobseekers turn to Craigslist in the hopes of finding a local business looking for help—they may even think that there’s far less competition on Craigslist because most professionals use services like Monster and Indeed, right?

If you’re a recruiter or a business owner thinking of using Craigslist to find local help, there are a couple of things you can include and do with your post to ensure that not only are you getting valuable resumes sent in, but that your posts won’t scare off potential employees.

Include all information that you can

There’s no reason for a company to exclude information from a job posting. While you may not need something like the business’s physical address (especially If you work from home), excluding information such as a phone number, professional email address or even a company name can be detrimental to your post’s success on Craigslist.

Including information about the position you’re looking to fill is also vital to receiving relevant, qualified resumes. Things such as salary, benefits, vacation and sick time, etc. can all help weed out people who aren’t qualified or interested.

You can even choose to include some background information on your company, or the story of how you founded your business. The possibilities for making a post more personable and inviting are endless, and including more information on both your company and the position can only help you.

Have someone proofread your post

This may seem like an unnecessary step to some, but typos and grammatical errors can cause a lot of jobseekers to simply skip over your post due to its unprofessionalism. Posts should be perfect in terms of grammar and spelling, and glaring mistakes can send applicants running for the hills—or worse, they can create posts that tell others to be wary of your company.

Whether you pay someone to edit/proofread or ask a friend to do so, your post should flow well and should give an air of professionalism that isn’t casual or overly-friendly. Remember, you’re posting a job for a business, not inviting someone to meet up at your house for coffee. Keep the friendly tones for phone interviews or in-person meetings; your job listing should be all business.

Include a real, professional email address

I know of some job seekers who will not apply to job listings that don’t include some kind of professional email address. If you’ve ever posted to Craigslist before, you know that there’s an option to hide your email address, which means that Craigslist will offer an obscure address for applicants to send their resumes to. It’s generally something along the lines of “”.

Does that look like an address you’d want to send personal information or even your resume to? I am sure you wouldn’t. Not only can it make applicants feel like their resumes are just falling into the void of an unknown email address, it can deter people from sending resumes at all, meaning you could be missing out on your dream employee.

An easy solution to this is to create a company email that’s specifically designed to receive resumes.  A professional email address will have a preface like “jobs@” or “hiring@”. Your extension, of course, should be your company name, so you’re looking at an email address like “”. You tell me, which looks more safe, secure, and professional?

Some companies refuse to post jobs to craigslist and instead stick with boards like Indeed and Monster. Posting a job to more than once place can only help you, and a lot of very qualified people are looking for positions on Craigslist. By following these simple steps you can open doors to an entirely new base of resumes and applicants who want to work for you.

Creative Commons licensed (BY) flickr photo by photologue_np.