How to Power Your Twitter Account Using RSS Feeds

Keeping Twitter updated can turn into a real challenge, especially if you’re trying to run multiple parts of your business at the same time. There are tools to help you take away much of the grunt work, however.

One way to do this is the RSS feed. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are essentially content providers. They allow you to find interesting articles by using automated software. An RSS feed is extremely useful for pushing content through your Twitter account when you don’t have time to do it yourself. There are a number of tools to help you harvest the benefits of RSS feeds.

In this guide, we’re going to go through three of the best options:


If This Then That (IFTTT) is a type of software that allows you to automate certain online tasks. One task it can carry out automatically is the setting up of an RSS feed. Once you’ve setup your RSS feed, it will automatically post new content to your Twitter account.

The only downside is this is a generic tool. You would best be served using this if you can find multiple uses for it. The main downside to using this exclusively for Twitter is you don’t get a whole lot of control over what you Tweet.

#2 TwitterFeed

TwitterFeed is a dedicated piece of software designed to post interesting content automatically. This online application allows you to connect it with the RSS feed of your choice. Each time the feed has some new content, it’s automatically Tweeted to the relevant account. The difference between this software and other software is the amount of control you get over what you can post.

There are a number of filtering options. One of the most powerful is being able to filter by specific posts. For example, you could program it to post only when something in your RSS feed appears containing the term ‘SEO’.

Another awesome tool is the ability to add text before and after each Tweet. This is crucial because you don’t want to come off as a business that runs a Twitter account with no human interaction.

There are some limitations, however, such as:

  • You can’t limit how long the Tweet can be.
  • You can only Tweet the content once. This is a problem because studies have shown you get more visibility by Tweeting the same content multiple times.
  • You can’t use multiple hashtags for the same feed. You have to stick to one and hope it’s the best one for the content you’re publishing.


Like all the others on this list, allows you to add content to your Twitter account via RSS feeds. There are a number of options that make it ideal for business purposes, though.

A great feature is the ability to have real writers create Tweets based on content. This makes your account look more genuine and engaging. Here are some of the other features you will have access to:

  • Create multiple Tweets based on a single piece of original content. This allows for variation when you publish the same piece of content multiple times.
  • Specify the length of each Tweet. If you want to have a Tweet under 100 characters you can.
  • Open up a specific time window for when Tweets should be published. This allows you to better tailor your Twitter activities to the audience that’s most likely to be reading your account at the time of publishing. You don’t want to publish in the middle of the night!

Sadly, the one disadvantage of is it’s a paid tool, unlike the others. If you really want to drive your business forward, though, that shouldn’t become a problem.

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But if you are serious about your Twitter account and need a new way of automating tweets then surely one of these tools has the options that you need. Good luck and happy tweeting.


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