How to Praise Your Employees

Offering praise to employees is an important aspect of managing a highly effective workforce. In fact, whether you have one employee or hundreds of employees, handing out praise should be a regular part of the corporate culture. 

Why is Employee Praise Important?

Praise at work can be very powerful. When employees are recognized for their hard work and achievements, they are more likely to respond by working just as hard on the next project or trying to outdo themselves in the process. The more you praise your employees, the more they will strive to be at their best while at work. This is an excellent way to help the company succeed. 

Dale Carnegie National Survey indicated that about 29 percent of all employees are actively engaged in their work, while another 26 percent find themselves disengaged. One of the biggest factors for a happy and productive workforce is receiving praise from supervisors on a routine basis. Praise can significantly lift the spirits of employees, encourage them to continue their efforts, and increase overall morale across the company. 

5 Ways to Praise Employees 

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to praise employees, that you can start putting into practice now. 

#1 Offer Praise Immediately

You should offer praise to your employees immediately following a positive event or behavior, which still is not soon enough. Never wait to offer praise because it will come across as an afterthought. The value of recognition or praise diminishes as more time passes between the accomplishment and the praise bestowed on the employee. If you cannot verbalize this praise, use a handwritten note or just drop them an email. 

#2 Be Genuine in Your Praise

As a boss, one thing you must do is make sure your praise of employees is genuine. Employees will be able to sense when you are praising them just to remove another item from your to-do list. Do not offer praise to everyone, often, because it shows you are not really looking into what employees are doing while on the job. Instead, review everyone’s performance each month and figure out who deserves the praise or recognition the most. Pick out one department or a small group of employees and sincerely offer the praise.

#3 Use Specifics in Your Praise

When bestowing praise or recognition on an employee, be sure to use specifics instead of being too generic. Praise will be accepted by employees no matter how it comes, but will make employees ecstatic when you offer them specifics as to what they did that was so exceptional. Comment on what they did that was so good and the employee will make sure he or she does the same thing the next time they come across the same challenge. 

#4 Avoid Constructive Criticism

When you praise an employee, avoid offering any constructive comments or criticism. Save your improvement points for a later date. When you praise an employee, simply recognize what he or she did so well. When you add in constructive comments, the employee’s focus will shift to those comments and their memory of the experience will become a negative one. Use this time to focus on the positives, and leave criticism for later during a performance review. 

#5 Create a Culture of Praise

Giving too much praise too often will not be good for your office’s culture. This will cause employees to expect praise or recognition with every single thing they accomplish. Instead of offering constant praise, be sure to create a culture that offers recognition when it is truly deserved. Praising an employee when he or she deserves it will encourage other team members to do the same, ultimately creating a positive culture.

By following the above 5 tips, you can effectively hand out praise to employees and make the workplace a better environment in which to be productive. 


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