How to Prepare For a Last-minute Job Interview

So, you have received a voicemail yesterday from X employer asking you to walk in the door for a job interview this morning. So how do you go about it? Is it time to panic?  No, this is not the right approach. You have to train yourself to be ready to ace the interview at a moment’s notice. This requires you to be proactive and get into the right mindset for a winning interview. 

Essential Tips for Handling Last Minute Interviews:

1. Research…Research…Research

The first step begins with turning up all the information you can about the company.  Find out what the company does, what are the main challenges of the company, what skills make you the right fit to solve their problems . When researching, don’t limit your investigation to the company’s website, also search for relevant information in other sources such as business magazines, review sites, local newspapers etc. 

On top of this, familiarise yourself with what the job description asks for and prepare your questions for the interviewer.

2. Connect With Your Contact

Trying to speak with the contact at the company you are interviewing for, the day before the interview, will give you a competitive advantage.  Show that you are loyal, engaged and seriously interested in the position by proactively maintaining communication with key decision makers at the organization.  Your purpose is to try to absorb as much information as possible about the interview, the workplace culture, and what they look for in potential hires.

3. Craft Your Message Efficiently

You have less than 24 hours available to think of which are the best strategies to wow your potential employer. It’s true that you cannot predict what you will be asked, however, it’s your responsibility to prepare your ‘talking points’ and devise different ways to highlight your achievements. How to do that? Simply bullet list up to seven achievements, skills and experiences that best sum up your qualifications and think of the best ways to discuss and elaborate on them. Create and bring along a list of affirmations about the value you bring to the employer, which essentially answer why they should hire you. That way, you will be ready to brand your suitability for the job, no matter which approach the interviewer takes.

4. Don’t Stress, Act Naturally and…Smile!

Make every possible effort to ensure you feel relaxed, confident and self-assured before and during the interview. Don’t stay up until the very last hours before the interview, reviewing your notes or choosing the perfect interview outfit. Get a good night’s sleep so that you look rested and energetic at the job interview and prepare to greet people with warmth, eye contact, a strong handshake and a natural smile.

Last but not least, watch this video by Don Georgevich, a job interview and expert , coach and resume writer, to prepare effectively for a last-minute interview and leave a strong positive impression.

Image source: 5 Last-Minute-Job Interview Tips via Alcalde