How to Prepare for ‘Take Your Kid to Work Day'

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Take your kid to work day is an important day for many families. It’s a way for children to get a glimpse into their parent’s everyday life. It’s also exciting for the parent, as they are opening up a whole new world to their kids.

In order to have the most successful day possible, you will need to prepare your work environment, as well as your children. Depending on the environment that you work in, it’s important to explain various aspects of your career to your children before they enter your work environment. This is especially true if the environment poses any potential threats to their safety.

Once everything is in order, you will be excited to share your workday with your little ones. If you’re able to give them a hands-on experience, then this is suggested. It may inspire them to follow in your footsteps. If nothing else, it will provide your children with some insight regarding the work you do and the things you achieve.

Preparing for Take Your Kid to Work Day

Although a lot of kids go to work with their parents, this is not always the case. You may be having a friend’s son or daughter come to your workplace. In either case, you will really want to give them a good experience. This program is a great learning experience for children, as they explore and focus on their potential career path.

1. Plan

Since this is a large program, many companies are aware of this day. Due to benefits, many companies will plan it for you. They will set up activities to keep kids engaged throughout the day. If your company does not do the planning, then you will need to do this yourself.

Make sure you schedule some meaningful events. Show your children a common problem, and then have them help you solve it. Bring them to meetings, introduce them to colleagues, and anything else that will enlighten them. As a parent, you will be used to planning. In this case, planning is essential.

2. Make the Day Memorable

To make this day memorable, you do not need to give your kids loads of candy. However, you want to make your child’s experience memorable and worthwhile. If your child simply plays their handheld gaming system while you work, this doesn’t really benefit either of you and it’s most certainly not memorable.

If there’s a certain aspect of your job that you know your child would enjoy, then make sure you have scheduled it for that day. Are there small jobs that they can complete or help you accomplish? You want to spend time together, while showing them what it’s like to work in your position.

3. Teach Your Children Business Etiquette

Depending on your work environment, it may be beneficial to give your children a little lesson in business etiquette. Remember, this is a whole new environment for them. You can teach them small tips, like how to properly give a handshake, or the importance of introducing yourself. Sure, they’re not going for an interview, but it’s nice to give them the full, true experience.

If you have a dress code, apply this to your child’s outfit. It will be fun to get dressed up for your child, making them feel important. A dress code is not mandatory in every job, but it’s a good lesson to teach your children. This is something that they’ll carry with them once it is time to go for interviews in the future.

4. Coordinate with the School

If you do decide to take your child to work, you should make arrangements with your child’s school. That way, you can pick up any homework assignments that need to be completed. In some cases, teachers will award extra credit for children that reflect on their day.

The majority of schools take part in this program, so students will be out of the classroom that day. However, if your child’s school is not taking part, you should speak with the school. That way, they know that your child isn’t at school for a beneficial reason. They will also know not to call home, because they know where your child is.

Taking your child to work can be an incredible experience for both you and your child. It’s a learning experience for both of you. Hopefully, your child will take-away some key points. Talk to your child about potential career options. What is it that their interested in? In order to reach their goals, what would they need to achieve? Taking your child to work can potentially open their eyes regarding various aspects of the workplace.