How to Prepare for the Work Week

Do you, like millions of us around the world, wake up on a Monday morning and panic? After pressing the snooze button on our alarms about 5 times, finally roll out of bed and stand under the shower for 10 minutes in an attempt to wake up (which generally fails), it suddenly occurs to us that we have 5 minutes to leave the house, yet we have nothing prepared. Why do we incessantly do this to ourselves week in, week out? Because we all live by the thought that Sunday is technically still part of the weekend, therefore, we refuse to do anything work-related. However, this unofficial rule is causing us great unnecessary stress and leads to a domino effect of problems throughout the week. We end up with not only a pile high work load, but our evenings are also overrun with preparation for work the following day.

All of this can be avoided if we make a few key changes to our Sunday routines.

Begin to think of a Sunday afternoon/evening as ‘your’ time for preparation. This is when you can prepare your meals and snacks, your outfits; you can exercise, groom and relax. All of these things are important to make sure you start your work week off in the right way. This might not sound like much fun or how you envisioned spending your Sundays, but it has been proven to work. Ultimately you will have more time to socialise, workout, go for dinner during the week, which you may not have had the time to do previously.

Here is a list of things to do on a Sunday which are guaranteed to make your work week much more organised:

Organise your week ahead.

Look at your calendar and organiser to see what you have in store. Do you have any important deadlines or meetings? By making yourself aware of these ahead of time, you will be more prepared to deal with them at the time. Prioritise your schedule into what is more important, but always set yourself a task for Monday that is important but will get done that same day. By putting a tick next to one important task at the end of that day, it will give you a sense of achievement which will motivate you with the rest of the week.

Plan social events.

It can be difficult to schedule in time for social events both during the week and at the weekend when you’re so busy with work. So, it’s important that you do this on a Sunday, ahead of time, so you have something to look forward to which can make the working work seem more bearable.


It is becoming more and more difficult for employees to fit in time for a workout nowadays. The long working day and lack of forward thinking to plan in some fitness time results in fatigue and therefore skipping the gym. However, it is of paramount importance that you schedule in time for exercise. Not only is it important for your overall health, but it has been proven to increase optimism also. It is a good idea to do a gruelling workout on a Sunday, that way you know you have done some exercise already, and therefore only need to top it up a bit during the week.

Prepare food.

We all eat snacks during the day, but should avoid unhealthy sugary and salty treats as much as possible. These won’t fill you up for long and will most certainly increase your calorie count for the day. Instead, try opting for some fruit, unsalted nuts, protein bars or homemade snacks. It’s great to prepare as many of these as you can on a Sunday and take them into work with you on the Monday morning. That way you know you have healthy snacks with you at work and you don’t need to spend time on weekday evenings preparing any more.
Plan outfits.

Have you ever woken up one morning during the week and realised that you had no clean or ironed clothes available for work that day? Were you rushing around failing to find anything remotely suitable? Clearly this is unnecessary stress added to your already stressful work week. Avoid this situation by washing your clothes, ironing them and pairing them off into outfits ready for the working week on a Sunday. You may feel this is a hassle at the time; however, you will be thankful later in the week that you planned ahead.

Me time.

The only way to end your weekend fully ready and prepared for the week to follow is by having some ‘you’ time. This should include grooming, maybe reading or watching a movie and generally relaxing before having an early night. It’s very important that you get a good night sleep on a Sunday so you feel refreshed and revived and ready to face the challenges the week ahead may throw at you.

How you prepare yourself physically, emotionally and mentally effects how you tackle your week ahead. So make sure that you don’t skip on any of the points above or you will resort back to feeling stressed, unorganised and fatigued during your working week once again.