How to Prepare Your CV for a Cabin Crew Job

How to Prepare Your CV for a Cabin Crew Job

Airline recruitment is very different to any other type of recruitment in that the sheer number of applicants outweighs practically any other sector. Emirates alone receives over 15,000 applications for Cabin Crew every month. On average only 1 or 2% of all applicants make it through from applying online to actually gaining a position and competition is very fierce. Recruiters only have around 30 seconds to ‘scan’ each CV to see if the potential candidate meets the basic requirements and has the experience and ability to succeed as Cabin Crew, so how can you make the CV Cabin Crew perfect?

Objective Statement

Use your opening paragraph to sell yourself as Cabin Crew. Tell them why you want to be Cabin Crew and what you think you can bring to the role. Think about the role and what similar experience you have from your work – where can you make the comparison? Use this chance to identify yourself as a potential candidate as it is the first thing they will read and remember.

Skills and Qualities

Here you can emphasise the skills and qualities that you have that would be useful in the Cabin Crew role and use examples where appropriate from your own experience. This is also a good place to add things like First Aid courses attended, language skills and any volunteer work that you have done. These are looked on favourably by the airlines so you want to keep them near the top and get noticed!

Training and Awards

If you have any training relevant to being Cabin Crew (eg. customer service training, travel agency or tourism training) it is worth creating a special section just for those, to show the recruiter that you have studied, can take direction and have focus on your role in an organization. If you have won any awards that are appropriate, do add those too to catch the recruiter’s eye.

Work Experience

In this section, write a job description for each position you have held with bullet points on duties or responsibilities - to keep it brief and clean. Don’t go into too much detail if it is work not related to being Cabin Crew but do emphasise work that is – especially customer service based work as that is an essential requirement for the position. It is important to use this section to tailor your CV to show that you have the right background to become Cabin Crew.


Here you can add your educational experience starting with the last subject studied. Also include any vocational studies or courses taken for interest that may be relevant or any studies that you are currently taking, eg. Basic French or taking a catering course.


This section can be used to tell the recruiter what passport you have and what nationality you are as well as you marital status and birth date. You can also add whether you are a smoker or not and things like height and weight, which some airlines will ask for. You can also add your personal interests and hobbies if you wish.

Extra details could include a small passport photo placed on your CV and to have an attractive looking template to really make your CV look professional. It is worth spending the extra time to do these things in the beginning as the first thing to do is get noticed and secondly, stand out amongst the competition. All in all, your CV should make you shine as a potential cabin crew member, tell your story and sell yourself. Scan your CV with the eyes of an airline recruiter and make those 30 seconds work for you!