Preparing for International Assignments

In the past 3 years, the number of people relocating internationally has risen. In a recent survey carried out by the 2010 Atlas World Group - Corporate Relocation Survey - two thirds of respondents questioned stated that they would remain in international assignments if they had the opportunity to do so. Their reasons for doing so varied, however many respondents indicated that the hassle, expense and overall upheaval associated with relocation was simply not worth it if an international assignment was only going to last a short period of time. They also emphasized the importance of being fully prepared by their employer before relocating.

If you have been offered the opportunity to relocate abroad for an international assignment, be sure that you are fully prepared for the entire process before signing a contract.

Being prepared for international relocation

Many international businesses frequently send their employees overseas for assignment purposes. Businesses of this nature usually have a strict relocation policy in place, in order to ensure that their job seekers are fully prepared.

Some of the many elements that job seekers need to bear in mind before relocating include:

#1 Clarifying your career expectations

Before confirming your relocation you must speak with your employer to ensure that he or she is clear on your career expectations once abroad.

#2 Researching all aspects of the move

Research everything there is to know about the international office, the specific role you will be expected to undertake and the location of the office. You will also need to have some familiarity with the overseas location, including how long the flights are, where your new home will be, how you will travel whilst living there and the general cost of living.

Ensure that you address such concerns with your employer and that all agreements are written into a contract. Will they pay for your accommodation? What form of transport will you use to get to work? Will you have an initiation upon arrival? Establishing all of these factors is indispensible in preparing for an international assignment.  

#3 Clearly communicate all matters

Regular communication with your employer is essential before and during your relocation. This is one of the most essential components in helping you to prepare for an international assignment and being successful whilst relocated.