Preparing for Pre-Employment Tests


Gone are the days when a simple interview would lead to a happy ever after in terms of your career. Instead, the simple hiring procedure is now spiked with all sorts of fiery hoops and rocky cliffs that job seekers have to jumps through (or off) to just get to the final interview stage. From the initial screening and telephone interview to the pre-employment tests and face-to-face interview, each step of the recruitment procedure is designed to comprehensively evaluate the candidate’s fit for the job role.



What are pre-employment tests?

Employers in today’s market cannot afford to make a poor hire, therefore they invest into the hiring procedure to make the best decision. Part of this investment is the pre-employment test - an assessment to validate the skills the job seeker states they have on their resume. It is simply not enough to say that you have done an A’ level in mathematics, the employer wants to reconfirm this by testing you on site.

Pre-employment tests cover a range of areas, some of which are:

  • Personality match
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning

Preparing for Pre-Employment Tests

These assessments tend to be the cause of anxiety and nervousness for the person taking them, it is therefore imperative to prepare for them. Through planning and learning, you can make sure that you give the tests your 110% and have a fighting chance to succeed. Here are tips to help you through:

1. Plan the day - wake up early and have some breakfast. Reports suggest that an empty stomach may hinder cognitive ability, so make sure you have some cereal or fruit in the morning. Get your identification documents ready and make sure you arrive 15-20 minutes early to the venue - this will prevent anxiety of being late and make you feel relaxed

2. Read Instructions - many people make the careless mistake of skimming through instructions before they start the test. You should always ensure that you know the rules and limitations of the test before you start it

3. Concentrate - there may be a thousand thoughts in your head to make you nervous, but try to remain calm and focus on what is in front of you. Read the questions carefully and answer them diligently. This way you will have higher chances of getting them right



Note: There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to personality tests - respond to these questions based on your personality.