Preparing for Your Video Cabin Crew Interview

Many airlines in both the private and commercial sector now use the video or internet interview as a method of pre-screening their candidates. It saves them a lot of time and money yet still enables them to recruit worldwide. As only a limited number of candidates can attend an assessment day, the airline has to make sure that their pre-screening process is at an optimum and they get the very best possible recruits. It also helps them identify regions where certain nationalities or language speakers are required and evaluates the potential to hold an assessment day there.

It is also beneficial for potential cabin crew candidates in more remote areas or less desirable regions as it gives them the same chance to apply as others, when normally they would not get the chance. In private aviation, this method of recruiting is used most often as candidates for VIP Flight Attendant roles can be interviewed, assessed and employed quickly and efficiently, without the usual costs of bringing a candidate to their base for interview.

So, how do you prepare for a cabin crew interview via a video or the internet? Here are some useful and practical tips for success.

1# Prepare the answers to some typical cabin crew interview questions in advance. Typical questions in the pre-screening phase could be: ‘Why do you want to be cabin crew?’, ‘Why do you want to work for our airline?’ and ‘What makes you think you would be good crew for us?’ Practice your answers until they sound natural to you.

2# Nerves are natural but try and take a few breaths beforehand and speak clearly at a slower pace than you normally would. Sip some water before too, so that your mouth doesn’t get too dry during the interview.

3# Have your CV and application information to hand for easy reference. They will want to ask you if you meet the requirements e.g. ‘Can you swim?’, ‘What is your height?’ and ‘What languages do you speak?’They will also want you to tell them about your work experience and say why you think your experience is appropriate for the cabin crew role.

4# Make sure that your surrounding area is quiet and that there is a good internet connection. Your space should have good light and check that there is nothing distracting in the background behind you. Check your camera view for the best positioning and to see exactly what the recruiter will see.

5# Dress the part even though you may be sitting at home – they will be looking at your appearance and it will increase your confidence. Smile and have great eye contact (look at the camera) and body language.

6# Be polite and never talk over the recruiter – be aware that there may be time delays in speech. Try not to use too many ‘fill iin’s’ like ‘ahhh’ and ‘but’ when answering questions. Remember that being multi-cultural is a very important element to many airlines, so try not to say anything that they may find offensive.

Of course, this is a great way to attract more applicants from overseas and bring more diversity to any airline. Recruitment can be held practically anywhere in the world and with the video interview at anytime. This usually consists of a few set questions and you must record yourself using their video link. Once you are happy with your responses, you save it and send it back to the recruiter. Remember to dress the part and check the background and have appropriate lighting. Take your time to get it right and speak clearly. Possible questions could be:

'Can you give us an example of when you delivered excellent customer service?'

'How do you feel about being away from friends and family for an extended period?'

'Where do you see yourself within our airline in 5 years time?'

There is no doubt that these methods of recruiting potential cabin crew will continue in the future and will replace the traditional interview, especially in the private aviation sector. For commercial airlines, it will always be a useful tool for pre-screening and to evaluate potential recruitment drives in areas previously disregarded due to location and increase the numbers of overseas applicants. This will add to the multi-cultural element that most airlines adhere too, as well as creating a more diverse cabin crew team.




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