How to Prevent Chronic Diseases at Work by Changing Your Lunch Habits

Chronic diseases cause over 36 million deaths around the world each year. Although we may have access to healthcare, developing countries are at high risk for diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Although many factors play a role, our diet has a large part to play in the development of these chronic diseases. Some other common factors include poor stress management and lack of physical activity.

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If you develop one of these diseases, not only will your health suffer but possibly your career. The good news is that you can take proactive measures to protect your future health. Start by making these five changes during your lunch break at work:



1. Aid Your Weight-Loss Efforts By Moving Around

Being overweight has been linked to a wide variety of diseases, including the major chronic conditions mentioned above. When you’re overweight, you significantly increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, which then puts you at further risk for cardiovascular, kidney, eye, and nervous system complications.

Instead of vegging out in front of your computer on your lunch break, get up and start moving. Even if you just go for a ten minute walk, you will improve your circulation. This will not only aid in your weight-loss efforts, but it will also boost energy levels.


2. Ditch the Fast Food

It’s most certainly convenient to buy a lunch, however it’s typically not the healthiest choice. When you’re on your lunch break, you’re looking for cheap and fast. Where do you end up? At a fast food joint choosing a burger and fries.

A poor diet is one of the leading causes of chronic disease. Pack a salad, a tuna fish sandwich on whole-grain bread and a bottle of water. You should also pack a few snacks to munch on during the day. Fruit, nuts, seeds, and yogurt are all great choices.


3. Take a Deep Breath

Are you feeling stressed out? It’s crucial that you practice stress management. Why? Well, when you’re stressed, stress-related hormone levels rise. These have a direct effect on your heart and brain.

When you practice deep breathing, you can significantly lower stress levels. In turn, this helps lower your blood pressure, protecting your heart. You can also perform some of your favourite yoga positions while you refocus for your afternoon work.


4. Quit Smoking


Smoking cigarettes is not only hard on your wallet, but your health as well. In fact, it accounts for almost half a million deaths each year. Although it accounts for approximately 90% of all lung cancer causes, smoking also affects every other organ in your body. Take action to quit today, so that you can protect your future health tomorrow.

5. Drink More Water

If you’re a pop drinker, then you would highly benefit from switching to water. It is estimated that less than a quarter of the developed world, drinks enough water on a daily basis. Considering you lose 10% of your cognitive ability by the time you feel thirsty, it’s so important you drink enough.

When your cells lack water, they simply do not function as well. In order to prevent disease, you need to limit your sugar intake. Pop is empty calories, which is packed with sugar. Don’t let diet pop fool you either, because it too has been linked to diabetes. Bring a water bottle to work, sipping on it throughout the day.


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You can protect your health; you just need to make small changes to your current lifestyle. Start by eating a more nutrient-rich diet; being more physically active; limiting your sugar, fat and salt intake; quit smoking; limit your consumption of alcohol; and effectively manage stress. If you take care of your body, it will protect you against chronic illness so that you can live a full and healthy life.


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