Prime Minister Vlad Filat Met The Young People with Scholarships for Civil Servants

vlad filat


Participating in the meeting were five young people (two selected in 2011 and three in 2012) within a programme, "Master scholarships for young people from public service," and Angela Muset, the director of the University Information Centre - Moldova's partner in the programme's implementation.

Angela Muset has said that 28 scholars have been selected within the concerned programme so far, of whom 9 civil servants in 2011 and 19 in 2012. Muset noted that the first graduates beneficiaries of the programme are to resume their work at Moldovan institutions in 2012 already. At the same time, the director of the above-mentioned centre said the programme is active for 2013 as well, so that more civil servants will be able to benefit from master education to improve the professional qualification within this programme.

The prime minister said he wanted to personally meet the programme's beneficiaries, as he has great expectations from them and this programme.

"We are at an advanced stage of the programme's implementation and we have already much expected results. It is important to create conditions, so that young specialists get good education and subsequently apply it in institutions from Moldova," the prime minister said.

Vlad Filat emphasized that this investment in young civil servants is a sign also for other youths from ministries, so that they aspire to continuously improve their knowledge in the field within their competence.

Filat stressed that the government needs to consolidate the ability to promote reforms. In this respect, the cabinet backs the programme, "Master scholarships for young people from public service," which sees providing of master scholarships to 60 young civil servants. Under the programme's conditions, upon their return, these civil servants are to work at least another three years in the public service, in order to apply the gained knowledge.

The young people thanked the government and the University Information Centre for opportunity to benefit from scholarships at one of the most prestigious world universities. The youths assured that, after they return home, they will do their utmost to foster the implementation of the reforms stipulated in the government's activity programmes.

The programme, "Master scholarships for young people from public service," is managed on the basis of a memorandum between the Moldovan government, University Information Centre, Open Society Foundations, with the financial support of the Emergency Fund of the Open Society Institute. The programme sees offering of master scholarships at prestigious universities from the Eastern Europe, the USA and Canada for young Moldovans from public service. The programme's goal is to deepen the level of knowledge and expertise of civil servants from the public administration, who are involved in the working out/coordination/implementation of public policies, strategic planning and management of authorities.

The programme has two options of scholarships: for the first option, the universities select scholars with at least 18 months of experience in public service. The programme also covers the education spending. As for the second option, the youths from public service select their master programme and the university. The selection is made by a joint commission of the programme's partners - government, University Information Centre, open society foundations. Young specialists with at least 12 months of experience in public service are eligible.