Printable and Foldable Footwear - The Masterminds Behind "Unifold"

The team behind Unifold believes they have spotted a niche in the marketplace for printable and foldable shoes. Something which they think will aid the current footwear shortage crisis in the world. The idea was conceptualized by entrereneurial Pratt Institute students Haratio Yuxin Han and Kevin Crowley.

It seems recycling, renewable and essentially 'green' related professions are those which have a profitable and stable future. Unifold has clearly identified with this trend by creating a shoe made from one piece of recyclable material that takes shape by folding over the cut-out pattern. It is reported that the shoes will be affordable and easy to construct and they will be sold world-wide.

The material with which Unifold are made is foam rubber, which also reduces the complicated and long procedures required in footwear productions such as molding, lacing, sewing or gluing. Their simple design makes it easier to manufacture while dramatically lowering costs. You simply cut and fold a sheet of foam rubber following the partner attached to each design!

Although Unifold is still in the preliminary stages, these shoes will be soon available on the market.

I am sure you have more than 3 pair of shoes in your closet right now. Consider yourself a lucky person as there are more than 300 million people in developing nations do not even own one pair.

This new initiative may very well have a positive impact on nations where there is a shoe shortage, but if everybody starts using this type of modern shoe, what will happen with the shoemaking profession years from now? 


What do you think about this new idea? What impact do you think it will have on the shoe market? Share with us!

Source: SERENA CHU for PSFK, Printable, Foldable Shoes Could Solve World's Footwear Shortage. Mashable. 18/09/2013