Privacy at Work: Know Your Rights [Infographic]

Did you know that your work is being constantly monitored at work? Your computer screen and passwords are not safe. Check out this info to learn more.

Did you know that 63 percent of employers monitor internet traffic in the workplace? Research found that there is limited – or no – privacy at companies where employers are checking employee's emails, web browsing history, phone calls and even computer files. While monitoring performance is a crucial practice for any business that wants to be successful, there is a fine line between enhancing productivity and becoming Big Brother.

In fact, monitoring employees can be counter-productive. Instead of boosting productivity, it can create distrust and lower employee morale which leads to reduced productivity. This infographic from Privacy Policies highlights the risks of becoming Big Brother, by explaining your rights in the workplace. Have a look through it and make sure you know what is and isn’t expected from you at work.

What types of monitoring does your employer use? How do you cope with it? Let us know in the comments section below…




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