Profession of a Fortune Hunter: 10 Mysterious Lost Treasures of the World

Indiana Jones
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Over the years, many of the world’s most precious historical items have either been lost or forgotten. Unless these treasures are well-hidden away somewhere, it is possible that they never existed or that they have been destroyed. While this can be an immense loss for humankind, many are intrigued by the possibility of becoming the person to discover these mysterious lost treasures.

If you are searching for the perfect opportunity to go on an adventure, check out these top 10 mysterious lost treasures to give you some inspiration:

#1 Imperial Faberge Eggs

The Faberge Eggs were created by Peter Carl Faberge in the 19th century and were presented as Easter presents to Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II for their mothers and wives. Out of 50 eggs that were created, 8 are still missing. Considering that each Faberge Egg is worth about $9 million, a lost one could be worth even be more than that if you manage to find it!


#2 The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is a chest that contains the Tablets of Stone on which the Ten Commandments were engraved. Famous from the Indiana Jones films, this valuable treasure is made out of wood and gold and contains Aaron’s rod, a jar of manna and the first Torah scroll written by Moses himself. After the attack of Babylonians in Jerusalem, the artifact disappeared and since then there have been many rumours as to where it might be. Some believe that Babylonians destroyed it whereas others say it was taken and protected by God.

#3 Blackbeard’s Treasure

Many fortune hunters have spent years of searching for Blackbeard’s treasure, but none of them had any luck finding it. In fact, some have even lost their sanity while devoting their entire lives and their money in search of this treasure. It is believed that before the notorious pirate was beheaded, he buried his treasure somewhere, the location of which is unknown to everyone except Blackbeard.

#4 The Amber Room

This popular chamber was originally constructed in the 18th century by the first King of Prussia, Friedrich I and was later been given as a gift to Peter the Great. It’s a room that’s completely covered with amber panels with gold leafs and mirrors located in Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo. After the World War II, it is said that the room disappeared and was hidden with a wallpaper in order to protect it. Even today, none knows where this room is and due to the curses and legends regarding its existence many have stopped searching for it.

#5 Flor de la Mar

The Flor de la Mar was a Portuguese 400-ton carrack that was built in the 16th century. For over 9 years, the ship was used for many important battles until it sunk in the Indian Ocean. Apart from the ship, it is said that a great treasure when down with it. A huge amount of gold that Afonso de Albuquerque was gifting to the Portuguese King after his recent conquest of Malacca. 

#6 Lake Toplitz

Back in 1944, the shore of Lake Toplitz in Austria was used by Nazis as a naval testing station. Until one day Germans were seen dumping mysterious objects that looked like heavy boxes into the lake. These are rumoured to contain more than 50 million dollars’ worth of counterfeit sterling notes. While amateur fortune hunters would have already run for the gold, those with much more experience know that attaining it is impossible. Below a depth of 20m the lake does not contain oxygen and fish can only survive in the top 18m.     

#7 Leon Trabuco’s Gold

Mexican millionaire Leon Trabuco along with his business partners are said to have bought and smuggled gold in the US during the Great Depression. When they began to make frequent mysterious flights in the desert of New Mexico it was believed that the location of the gold was somewhere in the desert. The treasure also seemed to carry a curse since all of Trabuco’s partners were dead within five years. In regards to Trabuco himself, he was the only one who knew the true location of the gold and took the secret to his grave.

#8 The Patalia Necklace

This famous necklace that was designed for Bhupinder Singh of Batalia contained 2,930 diamonds over five rows of chains and other precious jewels and rubies, disappeared in 1948. The biggest diamond on the necklace known as the DeBeers Diamond was a 234.6-carat diamond which is amongst the largest ones in the world. After 50 years, the necklace was found and sold at the price of $3.16 million at an auction in Geneva. However, several parts were missing from the original which today would have been sold for up to $30 million.

#9 The Treasure of Lima

This treasure used to be buried in Lima, Peru until it was removed in 1820 to be transferred to Mexico. The captain of the ship, William Thompson, who was in charge of this mission took the initiative, killed the crew and hid the treasure on Cocos Island off the shore of Costa Rica. Since then neither the treasure nor the captain have been found. Today the treasure of Lima is estimated to be worth up to 160 million.

#10 The Lost Dutchman’s Mine

Legend has it that there was a gold mine in Superstition Mountains in Phoenix, Arizona where a family worked around the 1840s. After they were killed by the Apaches, the mine was abandoned, and although many claimed they knew where it was hidden, they didn’t manage to get their hands on the mine’s treasure. About 30 years later, German Jacob Waltz a.k.a. ‘The Dutchman’ rediscovered the mine and kept its location secret. Today it is rumoured that the area around Weavers Needle is the location of the lost mine.

If you want to become the next Indiana Jones, make sure that you prepare yourself for the journey and that you first become aware of the dangers it holds. So, good luck and happy fortune hunting!

Have you heard about any other mysterious lost treasures that are not included in this list? Let us know in the comments section below…