Professional Match-Making: Become a Modern Day Cupid

Technology has changed the way we do many things, including dating. As more and more people turn to online dating sites, the wider their options become, the more bogged down inboxes get and the more difficult it becomes to know what to say in order to stand out from everyone else. This is why personal dating assistants are increasingly in demand. Yes, personal dating assistants are, in fact a real thing. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like; you assist your clients with their online dating. You can actually do this full-time, with hourly pay at an already established company or go off on your own, no degrees or certifications necessary.


What The Job Actually Entails:

The first thing you have to do is get to know the client. What they’re looking for in a partner, favourite foods, music, religious beliefs, dating deal-breakers, etc. You will be the one writing their online dating profiles and choosing the most flattering looking photos of them. You will also be doing the "match searches" (based on their criteria) and you’ll be handling all of the early communication with their potential dates. Once you score the phone number, your client steps up to the plate. This is the basic, lowest level package out there. There are other services that you (or the company you work for) can upgrade clients to.

In addition to photo selection, there are photo re-touching services offered by most places. Some offer up location suggestions where others create full itineraries for their client’s evening. Date night prep is another service you could offer; which involves physically assisting them with wardrobe choices, hair and words of encouragement. A full on dating pep-rally! Post-date follow up emails and continual dating profile maintenance until your clients find “the one” are also popular options.

Qualities You Should Possess:

  • You must have excellent communication and organization skills.
  • You need to be encouraging and kind when dealing with clients.
  • You need to be able to write intriguing profiles; grammar and spelling are also important.
  • You should have an understanding of attraction and basic human emotions.
  • You should have a willingness to continue to read/learn about love, dating, and emotions.
  • Know your local hotspots for various price ranges (or just keep a Zagat handy).
  • A sense of humour and the ability to flirt (via email) without coming off to strong is important.
  • You should be social media savvy, profile creation and account management is a big part of the job so you need to know how to maneuver within these types of sites.

 Freelancing vs. Joining Established Companies:

There’s a lot to be said about freelancing. You are in control of your schedule, which clients you take on, what you offer and of course what you charge. As a freelance-dating assistant you could charge each client $200 or more per week depending on the level of your involvement and how many dates you can guarantee them each month.

If you work for a company like PDA, E-Cyrano or Look Better Online, you will just be handling online profiles and early written communication, you won’t be doing any additional on-site work for clients. The starting pay is between $15 and $20 per hour, usually with at least a 15-hour per week commitment made on your end. Working for an established firm is a great way to get started in this budding industry; you’ll get the experience needed to branch out on your own at some point.

The core of this career is simply to provide a constant stream of potential partners to your clients. How involved you get and how elaborate your services are, is entirely up to you. Let your clients outsource all the tedious tasks to you or be directly involved with their dating lives every step of the way. Those with psychology backgrounds or the desire to get the proper certifications may even want to consider expanding their services into life coaching at some point as well.


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