Professional Work Looks for Women - How to do Cabin Crew Hair

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1. Grooming Class for Cabin Crew
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During training all new Cabin Crew recruits go to a grooming class to know exactly what hairstyles we can have and how to do them. We are also given a booklet to advise us of the strict uniform standards that we must stick to. We also receive training on make up, manicure and wearing the uniform and having perfect personal presentation.

As Cabin Crew, you are the face of the airline and always have to be immaculately presented. This can be a challenge during a 14 hour shift and at 34,000 feet! We have very strict guidelines to follow and are only allowed certain hairstyles - some airline only allow 2 or 3 types. Hair must be classic in colour with no roots showing and if it falls below the collar of a shirt, it must be worn up. Long fringes and stray hairs are a no-no and you are prefered to wear your hair off of your face. Rules are very strict and failure to look the part can lose your your job so it is important to look professional at all times. These looks are perfect for any woman who wants to look professional at work or if you are attending an assessment day for Cabin Crew. Here are the secrets of Cabin Crew hair...




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