5 Professions That Are Not as Simple as They Seem

woman worker burntout lying on ground

What many people traditionally think of as easy professions often have a wealth of challenges they may not have seen coming. A simple job may provide maximum flexibility, but this may also come with frequently having to cope with the unexpected. A closer look at some of these professions will help you appreciate just how much is involved that you may not have considered.

1. Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers work in a fast-paced industry where few things are predictable. The wedding photography industry often involves requests for shoots and wedding photography packages at unusual locations, taking pictures in outdoor settings where the weather is uncooperative, and difficulties that may arise between the couple or their families about the best way to take the pictures. Working in any business that involves weddings requires handling people, being adaptable and having a sense of humour.

2. Sales Management

Because so many universities throughout the world specialise in management programmes, it might seem as though this is an ideal field for nearly anyone. People who enjoy employing sales techniques in retail environments or who wish to start their own company may find that this is a good option indeed. However, it is not for everyone. Being in charge of a large department or entire store may be quite stressful because of the responsibility involved. Also, some employers may have sales quotas that are stressful for sales managers, who must continually push the people who report to them to perform better.

3. Webpage Design

Even in today's world, there are still many companies that don’t have websites. Knowing how to develop web pages is a good skillset to have, but this profession can be more challenging than it appears. For one thing, you will be working largely with customers who may not understand everything involved with setting up a website. Their expectations and your ability to deliver may be vastly different. Your skill set may also have to expand regularly to account for additional skills, such as logo design, photo editing and technical writing to accompany the rest of the content of the site.

4. Copywriting

Also known as ghostwriting, this profession ranks among the most misunderstood of modern occupations. Copywriting is a type of freelance writing but different from the kind of writing that most people think of when they think of freelance writing. This kind of writing differs from journalism in the context that the writer receives no credit for the piece, which makes it somewhat harder to use your work for portfolio purposes. There is also a lot of confusion among consumers about what copywriters do, which often leads to having to spend time explaining what you can and can't do.

5. Social Media Management

It sounds like a dream come true, and for many, it is. Being in social media management often gives you a lot more free time that you may not have had available otherwise. The job is also fast-paced, and things are likely to be quite exciting at times.But, this job may require more time than you might think. Also, because you will be representing a company or organisations brand, you may be called upon to do some damage control when dealing with irate customers.

Even though many of these professions are tougher than they appear on the surface, they can be quite rewarding when you look at them within the larger scheme of things. All of these options may be just what you need if you prefer your job to be a constant source of excitement.

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