How to Promote a Song Effectively

Every day, there are thousands of songs being recorded by artists all over the world. However, merely recording a song does not guarantee your success as a musician. You need to know how to promote it effectively and build your name. Here are some tips for a successful single release campaign:

1. Check the quality

Before releasing your song to the public, you need to ensure that its quality is satisfactory. If possible, allow two or three music critics to listen to it and give their honest feedback. If the general feeling is that the song is not well done, it wouldn’t be advisable to re-record it until it is good enough. Alternatively, you could choose to record a new song altogether. Though this might mean additional expenses, it is more advisable than releasing a bad song which will ruin your reputation as a musician.

2. Design your single cover

Once the song is ready, you should then design your single cover. Even if you don’t intend to sell a physical CD, it would still be advisable to create an image to represent it. Make sure the design of the cover accurately represents the message of the song. If you are a relatively unknown artist, you could consider having a photo of you appearing on the cover. This will give your fans an idea of the person behind the music. Don’t forget to place your contact details on the cover, as well as the sites or stores where people can buy or download the single.

3. Shoot a promotional video

A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, one of the best ways of capturing the attention of your fans is by shooting a video of your single. A video will not only generate interest, but also make it easier for people to remember you. However, don’t just produce a video for the sake of it. You need to ensure that it is of good quality. Recording low budget videos will only create a bad impression, and could lead to loss of fans. Once the video is ready, take time to upload it on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. If the video is of broadcast quality, you could distribute it to relevant TV channels and shows.  

4. Distribute the song

The first place where you need to make the single available for download is on your own site or blog. You should also submit it to digital download sites such as,, and When people buy the song, you will be able to recoup some of the cash invested in recording costs, marketing, artwork and the music video. However, if you are a new independent artist, you are not likely to make much from your single. Instead, the single will help you build a name, get a feel of the market and connect with other players in the industry.  

5. Connect with relevant magazines, sites and DJs

After distributing your single to download sites, make a list of places and people that could help promote it. This includes magazines, radio stations, Djs and television presenters. When making a pitch, be sure to mention how your music will help them or their audience. Have a unique selling point which will distinguish you from the many other independent artists out there.

These are just a few tips that will help you promote your new single. A successful campaign can go a long way in boosting your musical career.

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