How to Promote Your Blog: 33 Brilliant Tactics

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You’ve created a unique blog, spent hours designing and uploading quality content but are struggling to get your name out there and establish yourself as a professional freelancer. How do all these other big-time bloggers do it?  Do they pay their way to blogging success? There may be something you’re overseeing that’s not getting you the hits you desire.

Here we cover all the strategies that will get you on the road to success from your content to social media and relationship building:

Content Strategy

1. Focus on Your Keywords

Before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you should have a keyword research strategy. When forming your idea for each post, you have an opportunity to attract an organic audience via search engines. Make sure to choose topics that are high in demand and use the relevant keywords that are searched for.

2. Link to Your Best Posts

Linking to your most popular and related content will help send valuable metrics to search engines and it will keep readers on the site for longer and also provide them with the information that they needed. It’s important to think about the anchor text when doing so, make sure you’re not confusing the reader with the selected hyperlink.

3. Link out to Other Blogs

You might be wondering why you should be giving credit to your competitors by linking to their site? But you definitely should, it increases the chances of them sharing your content or linking to it on their own site. If done correctly it can increase the authority and popularity of your article and boost your relevancy on the topic with Google.

4. Publish Regular Content

It’s no use having a blog with amazing content if you’re only publishing once a month. You’ll end up losing your readers interest as they’ll be waiting too long for new content and will ruin the chances you had of increasing your traffic. Depending on your schedule, aim to publish at least two engaging posts per week.

5. Give Old Content a New Lease of Life

Old content should never be forgotten, you can review articles you published years ago, eliminate any outdated information and give it a new lease of life. It will impact your blog’s search rankings and increase your organic traffic.

6. Get Paid Promotions

You could promote your blog through paid-promotions. This is where you will get paid to advertise a product or service on your blog. It will help you to reach a larger audience as the advertised brand will share the post too. Many clothing brands do this through advertorials, where they pay a fee to be featured in a famous magazine, blog or newspaper.

7. Target Major Personalities

Major personalities like Trump or Jay Z are frequently searched, so why not jump on the bandwagon and write about them too? In June 2010, Think Traffic published an article titled “The Diddy Guide to Constant Creativity and Relentless Marketing”; the result was a Tweet of the article by P. Diddy himself to his 2.6 million Twitter followers as referenced on Start Blogging Online.

8. Be Wise with Your Images

Select your images carefully to ensure they are eye-catching and flow naturally throughout your post. Pictures are proven to increase engagement signifiantly.

9. Have Clear and Engaging Titles

Titles are so important when drawing your reader’s interest. They need to be interesting, engaging and truthful. If your titles are misleading, your visitors are likely to bounce off your site and deem you untrustworthy.

10. Interview Influencers in Your Niche

Think about leaders in your industry that you admire? Are you able to hunt them down for a quick interview so you can reference them in your post? If so, you’ll have unique content that no one else will which, in turn, will drive a large amount of traffic to your site.

11. Solve a Problem

You’ve made it if your audience can turn to you for advice. If you’re a valued resource for solving specific problems, your content will be shared amongst your online community and you will have a new fan base of loyal customers.

12. Be Controversial

Controversy is a slippery slope to go down but is also something that can attract a lot of attention. If you have strong opinions about a certain subject, why not take the risk and share your thoughts on it? You’re bound to have supporters and haters whatever you do, it just depends on whether you want to take that risk.

13. Guest Post

Writing posts on different sites can increase the traffic to yours and will allow you to create a good personal brand for yourself. If you align it with a good marketing strategy by getting your name on different sites you can tap into a wider market to reap the biggest rewards. If you can even manage to squeeze in a link or two to your blog, you can boost your profile in search engines too – bonus!

Social Sharing

14. Answer Questions in Forums

You created your blog because you want to share your expert knowledge and opinion, right? A great way to promote your useful blog is to research different forums and answer questions with your engaging blog post. You might also increase your subscribers too.

15. Sign Up to Social Bookmarking Sites

Certain readers like finding articles through popular social bookmarking sites. You can sign up to a few well-known sites like Alltop, Stumble Upon and Digg, to help people who are interested in certain topics find your blog.

16. Share New Posts More than Once

Most of us share the post once it’s been published and then quickly bury it in the sand forgetting it ever existing. But, studies show that if you share your new posts more than once, you can increase your following by 3.150%. This is because you tap into a new audience each time you post it, those that didn’t see it the first time around will be grateful for the re-post!

17. Re-Promote Older But Successful Content

There’s no shame in sharing old posts if you know they were extremely popular. Dig into your archives and discover old content that flew through the roof. Give it a little update (if needed) and re-share it.

18. Don’t Forget to Hashtag

Many social media users underestimate the power of the hashtag. This little symbol means so much in the online world; it makes finding your blog easier when readers are looking for content in your niche. Try to find hashtags that are commonly used for your specific topic and always include your branded hashtag.

19. Use Image Sharing Buttons

To increase your shares, place your image sharing buttons in a strategic place on your blog and make sure they are quick and easy to use. A social media expert advised that: “Prominence matters more than where you put them. Include your buttons near the top and in close proximity to the content you want your readers to share.”

20. Host Blogging Contests

Blog contests are a great way to attract new readers to your site. Ensure the prize is enticing enough to make contestants sign up to the competition. You could ask for a popular brand to sponsor the winning gift which will also be promoted on their social media accounts too.

21. Create an App

Another way to promote your blog is through your own personal application. Apps are high in demand as many users use their phone to read content. If you can design a unique smartphone app you’ll be reaching out to a really large market.

Social Media Platforms

You don’t need to promote on all the social media sites below, choose a few that will benefit you the most.

22. Share it on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular network by a large margin and is one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience. Most people log into the site during their commute, lunch break and evenings so bear this in mind when posting. Facebook ads make it really easy to boost posts after you share them. You can use these ads to connect with users that have searched for related topics and will most likely be interested in what you have to offer.

23. Tweet It

Twitter is great to connect with a younger audience. Their users are people who are usually glued to their phones and are waiting for the latest breakthrough. It’s key to tweet at the most sociable times; optimal times to tweet according to coschedule are “12–3 pm, with a peak best time at 5 pm. During the workweek is the best, though some niches might have more active audiences on the weekend.” The best way to find out what works for you is through trial and error.

24. Post it on LinkedIn

This platform caters more to business professionals than any other demographic but is a great source for blog posts and informational articles. You should aim to share your articles during weekdays when most users are likely to be using the platform and work, and promote your blog through LinkedIn groups. You could also try LinkedIn ads, much like Facebook ads, it allows you to micro-target your desired audience and boost the post that you recently shared.

25. Pin It

Is the wonderful world of pictures where users can create their own dream boards. Social media users tend to engage more with pictures - so grab their attention with a captivating image and write some compelling text to accompany it, with a link to your blog.

26. Show it on Instagram

Instagram is also a visual-oriented site, but like Facebook has the option to share short videos too. To promote your blog posts share different images from the post throughout the week – and don’t forget your relevant hashtags.

27. Grab the Attention of Google+ Users

Google+ users tend to be tech-savvy. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Google+ offers ads to help you boost traffic to your blog post. Experts advise that hashtags help you increase your reach: “Google+ uses hashtags to explore a topic rather than curate it. When you search for a hashtag within Google+, the network auto-selects related hashtags and trending topics and returns those along with the hashtag you typed in.”

28. Take It to Tumblr

Tumblr is seen as an extension of your brand; it shouldn’t replicate your blog but should be in line with it. Here you can find popular accounts in your niche their stuff. This is where you can add a snippet and a call to action. For example, you can have a picture from your main blog post and have a call to action saying “find out more” which will send your viewers directly to your blog.

Relationship Building

29. Tap into Email Marketing Techniques

Email marketing might be old, but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to generate traffic and engage readers to keep them coming back to your blog. First, review your email list and increase your subscribers, usually with a sign-up form on your blog. Then create newsletters and send them out either weekly or monthly filled with links to your best content. According to mailchimp the best time to send out an email for the highest click-through rate for your new post “10 am in the recipients’ own time zones.” Another point to note is to always include your blog link in the footer of your email address; you never know who will be tempted to click on it!

30. Make Yourself Known in the Blogging Community

It’s crucial to build an inner circle when trying to break into the online world. You can do this by connecting with relevant bloggers on social networks, and by joining in on conversations. Make sure you attend networking events, popular press days and get socialising with bloggers in your field. You’ll end building genuine relationships and will naturally promote each other.

31. Rock the 100 Rule

This is a really simple sales strategy to increase your readership. The idea is that you need to grow your contacts by 100 people each day. Sounds impossible right? To successfully rock the power of the 100 rule, you should engage in social media conversations and follow new people (like for like and all that jazz). If 100 seems like too big of a number to tackle, scale it down to 10, to begin with until you grow your social media audience.

32. Engage in Conversations

It’s vital to interact with your readers and engage with them. You must always respond to their comments and interact with your audience whether it’s on your blog or your social networking accounts. Think of your personal brand and how you want to be perceived. The more responsive you are, the more people will be encouraged to visit your blog and ask for advice. 

33. Cross-Promote With Other Bloggers

Find a blogger with a similar audience to yours and see if you can do a “shout out exchange” where you mention each other in your respective blogs. Many beauty influencers are taking to Instagram to do this and promote each other's social media accounts.

Now you’re fully equipped with all the secrets to promoting your business you can make sure your blog ranks highly within your niche.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to share with fellow bloggers? If so, join in on the conversation below…